Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Can we slow down here?

I need a few more hours each day please.

I was happily getting the Calderwood site finished up, putting the last touches on our Siren newsletter, and thinking I'd gotten a Lot done, when edits arrived for Zombie Jack!!!!

My new editor apologised, but there had been some mix-ups. The story had started out as Jack's Back, a zombie tale, by Jennifer Macaire. And Loose Id asked me to change the title as they Already had a Jack's Back (the titles were the same, *sniff*) So I sent in a list of titles. They chose Zombie Jack (detective extraordinaire) and put it in their list under my pen name, Samantha Winston.

So my editor glances at the list now and then, waiting to see her book come up, and notices there's another book about a zombie (Hmmm, that's odd, she thinks) But she doesn't make any connection because she thinks my name is Jennifer Macaire, and she's waiting for my book to get on the list...and the day before yesterday the powers that be at Loose contact her and say 'Why is Zombie Jack still on the list??? We're publishing it next month!!"

Well, she spent 48 hours with it and did a TERRIFIC job, I can tell you. This girl is Gold. I have a new favorite editor!

She sent me the manuscript and said 'It's a RUSH job', so I sat up all night and finished it. And now I'll quick go over it again because I bet I started goofing up after a few nonstop hours of looking for red ink, lol.

INACOC though. Off to get more coffee.


December/Stacia said...

Lol how funny! It only takes one tiny, insignificant misunderstanding...

Bernita said...

Just when you think the ducks are all sailing nicely in a row...something hits the water.

Rosie said...

That's a good news/bad news all rolled into one. Hope the caffeine fix helps. What's your favorite poison? Mine's Starbucks Sumatra.

Lyn Cash said...

You always have such extraordinary luck with editors - lol - and you're so flippin' good at titles. I stink at them.

Best with this one! (And I would never make it through the day without my coffee or frap'.)