Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hanging around with the Greek Gods

I'm trying to finish up a book about a girl whose mother is a muse, and who is determined to become immortal. In order to become immortal, she has to become a hero (like, everyone knows that!)
At first she joins Zeus on the road to eternity, but Zeus vanishes and Ares takes over, leading the troop to the great battlefields and disasters of history. When she escapes, she finds out that Zeus has been transformed into a human, and she has the chance to save him and become a hero. With the help of a faun and a a young man from the sixties, she tracks down Zeus in California. He's become a rock star and hasn't a clue to his real identity. How to get a famous rock star to give up his life? Well, our heroine simply kidnaps him, then finds herself running from demons and the law.
I have to write the last third of the story. So far it's aimed at the 14 and up crowd (YA tale).
I just have to sit down and do it.
But it's so sunny out.
Good news this morning - Pocket books bought another one of my books for an anthology. They bought Llewellyn's Song, and it will come out in May 2008!
OK, OK. I will now get to work.
Where was I?
On a train. With Zeus, a faun, a hippy, and some hobos.


Seeley deBorn said...

Wow, sounds very Tom Robbins-ish. I love Tom Robbins!

Pocket Books! How cool.

I'm reading Llewellyn's Song right now, though....I'm confused now...

December/Stacia said...

I saw the Pocket sale in the email! Congratulations!!

calderwoodbooks said...

HI Seeley -
Thanks! I love Tom robbins too!
Pocket Books bought paperback rights to the e-book from Ellora's Cave. So Llewellyn's Song will be in a paperback anthology!
Hi December - Thank you! I was thrilled!!!!!

John Nez said...

That's cool to get included in a new anthology! Pennies from Heaven!

Tom Robbins is a Northwesterner... he's on local TV sometimes... lives up in LaConner. He writes out in longhand everyday and then walks to the corner drug store to make a xerox copy of his daily pages.