Monday, September 03, 2007

A few questions about e-book prices

Questions - please answer!
We want to sell our e-books, so we want to price them to sell.
My question is, what do you think is a fair price for:
A) A novella (about 35k)
B) A novel (between 50 - 80k)

How can we make prices seem tempting? How much is too much to pay for an e-book? Do low prices make you think that maybe the quality won't be so great?
Since I can buy a paperback for 8$, I don't want to spend that much on an e-book!
But what price would make YOU say 'Hey, that's a great deal - I think I'll buy that book!'?


Connie said...

Hi Jennifer,

Nice to see you stopped by.

I would not buy an ebook period. I work on a computer all day, have on line classes, like blogs, etc. but have no desire to read a book online. I like books I can throw in my shoulder bag to read while waiting for someone, relaxing in an easy chair or in bed. So I won't take ebooks if they were free.

BTW, a long time back you recommended Martha Grimes to me and said to read Richard Jury in order. I LOVE RICHARD JURY books! I think there are 19 and I'm getting down to the last few. Yes, it is good to read them in order, although twice I had to skip becuase of the library's inventory, and it was OK. I think The Old Silent is one of my favorites. I don't want the series to end. Love the characters and her desriptive writing style. Thank you again for introducing me to such enjoyment. In turn, I introduced Moni, a web friend from New Mexico, some time ago and she also, now loves Richard Jury. Those books are addicting.


Rosie said...

You know I don't mind paying $6.45 for an e-book, when it's a reasonable length (200 pages) and a decent read. We all loathe to pay when we don't like the book, but that's a part of the risk when you buy any book.

I must say the shorter books for $2.99 that are 40 pages bug me the most. For half the price I thought I'd be getting about half the book or at least 8o to 90 pages. Also, most of the time 40 pages just isn't long enough for me to be fully engaged in the story.

FWIW, my two cents.

Anonymous said...

Around 5 for a novel. Most e-novels I've bought are closer to 170 pages. For shorts they have to be less than 3. I'll only spend 6 (absolute tops) if it's close to 200 pages.

One pubisher I remember had short shorts (like 20-30 pages) for one dollar. I think I bought them all.

Oopsy Daisy said...

I would say I would probably pay no more than $5 for an e-book. And while a paper book is wonderful and a treaure indeed, e-books are definately catching on now. They certainly have their place in the market nowdays.

Good luck with your new venture, I know you will do great! In fact, I have a feeling I'll be buying a few myself.

calderwoodbooks said...

Thank you So much - you've all be very helpful!
I love the idea of the dollar shorts, Seeley. We have had quite a few submissions for short stories, and I wanted to make a page of dollar shorts, but wasn't sure if they would sell. Now I think I'll give it a try.
I just contracted two new books set in Australia - they are Fabulous!!!
Can't wait to open now.
Am getting very excited.
Must calm down and go wax the floor now.

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

I purchase a ton of ebooks, Sam, and I’m comfortable with the standard 5-7 dollar range for novellas and novels. About $3 to $4 for shorter books.

Super cheap prices do tend to make me suspicious, that maybe the book is of lesser quality somehow. Or that perhaps it can’t sell at the standard/average prices offered by established publishers. I wonder what’s wrong with the books. So I stay away from sites that shout bargain prices.

I love reading and the method of delivery (download or print) matters little to me. It’s the story’s quality (along with good editing) that counts. I’m willing to pay more for that.

Since I spend so much time at the computer, I’m actually quite comfortable reading books right there from my monitor. I’m able to get so much more reading done that way. I also have one of the original REBs (rocket ebook) and love that (so does my husband, who also reads ebooks). That said, when I’m reading in bed, it’s gotta be a paperback because I keep dropping them on the floor as I drift off to sleep. LOL

Ebooks are great because of the amazing variety of work available, including the crossing of genres often shied away from by major NY pubs.

I wish Calderwood Books great success! :-D