Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What I miss most in winter

I miss summer nights - sitting in the garden with candles lit, talking with my sister and daughter, feeling the warm air growing cooler, and watching the sky turn electric blue.


crowwoman / rhian said...

i just miss being warm. I'm a winter wimp.

JR's Thumbprints said...

I used to worship the sun. I used to stay outside as long as I could. Not anymore. After being diagnosed with melanoma, I spend my summer days either in the shade, or inside with the air conditioner running.

Mark Reep said...

I miss way too many things about summer- Here in Rural Northern Appalachia, summer always seems much too fleeting. Reeally looking forward to enjoying being outside again without three or four sweatshirts on.

Thanks for your comment on my
'Rain Tern Waterworks' drawing, Sam. I just put up a series of in-progress scans, and in the process of trying to get them in the right order, managed to lose the post with your comment- So I wanted to stop by, say merci beaucoup :)

All the best!

Sam said...

Rhian, I'm a winter wimp too - Love that expression!!

JR - see how we all have on long sleeved blouses? And it's evening. We don't go in the sun either - we're skin cancer specialists in the family, unfortunately. But my doctor said that when the sun sets, it's fine to go out...
Are we vampires yet? LOL

Mark - Don't you hate losing posts????
BTW - I LOVE your artwork. I love the details and the texture. Just amazing. Guys - go check out Marks site -in my links- dreams in black and white. And prepare to be amazed!

Bernita said...

I miss green, and the sense that that summer will never end.