Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Groovy Tuesday

A Few Questions about my WIP, asked by Lolo and answered here:

What am I working on?
The road to Eternity. It's about a third of the way done, and I'm taking a break here and getting my thoughts together. Sometimes, when I run into a bit of a slow-down, I stop and write a quick blurb to get myself back into the story. Or I think about just the moment I'm trying to capture (like right now, with my hero.) A slow down is when I can see where the story has to go, but I'm not exactly sure how to get it there. Something is missing, and I need to find it. One of my characters is from the sixties - grew up on a commune - & is feeling a bit lost suddenly projected into 2001. Things have changed so quickly since then. He stepped from Woodstock, where he was dying from an overdose of heroin, into a troop of demi gods, nymphs, fauns, and humans, led by Zeus on the road to Eternity. Now Zeus is missing and he's in 2001 - and my character's mission is to find Zeus before the makhais (a bunch of low-life demons) find him and kill him.

How do I research my stories?
I'm a Greek Myth buff - I think (honest) I'm pretty knowledgable about them. My dad & mom gave me a huge book on Greek Myths for my birthday when I was 11, and I still have it. I've read the Illiad and the Odysee (do NOT mind my crappy spelling please. Dyslexics 'R US.) And I have the internet at my fingertips. I alos know a lot about the Nordic pantheon, and there are Nordic gods mixed in here too.
What about Woodstock? Well, I'm listening to Judy Blue Eyes performed by Crosby Stills Nash & Young in Woodstock. If you go onto the internet there is the whole program there, hour by hour, day by day, so I don't have the Who singing in the evening, when they actually started around 3 a.m. and continued until after sunrise. I'm writing a fantasy tale, but what's important are the details. I love mixing fact and fiction, walking that fine line between make-believe and reality. (Sometimes I feel like that's where I live, but that's another story, lol.)

What kind of story is this?
Well, it's probably close to an urban fantasy, and it's one of those 'for all ages' books. (I might push it more YA, come to think of it. But then again, I don't actually write FOR any age group - I'd rather write just for me right now. When the book is finished (probably after spring break if I can get enough writing days in) I'll look at it again and see what group of readers I'm aiming at. Right now I think that if you liked Ariel by Steven R. Boyett (and if you haven't read this book say to you, what are you waiting for?) or Kris Reisz's Tripping to Somewhere, you'll probably get a kick out of the one I'm writing. It's a mixture of myth and reality, a roadtrip theme through time and space...

Does it bother me to have books similar to mine?
Well, yes and no. Yes because we all want to be completely original, fresh, and new - and no, because I think it was Homer who said that all plots in literature had already been taken, and the only difference was the dressing. Was it Homer? Wouldn't he have said the toga? Maybe it was Shakespere.

Are you out of the slow-down yet?
Not quite. I'm jotting down ideas. On the pad next to me are:
Clio's Memory
A kidnapping
Loki's Choice
The question marks are the part I'm trying to work out.
Good thing I have yoga tonight. I will meditate with tying myself into a pretzel.

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