Thursday, May 25, 2006

My Desk

Nadia posted about her messy desk today. Aren't all desks messy?
I thought it would be funny to make a list of everything on my desk from left to right.

My daughter's vaccination booklet
An atlas and road map of France
An empty leather card case & a watch that doesn't work
A folded red paper with an old grocery list on it (starts with Nutella...)
My phone book, two perscriptions, a bank statement (make that 2) and my address book in a sloppy pile.
Roger's Thesarus, open to scare-scholar
A bottle of pink nail polish
A yellow wind-up chick that goes hop-hop-hop-hop!
A black pen
A nail file
A rubber band
My printer, my keyboard, the computer screen
A package of tissues
Two calendars (both huge, both on my right, both serving as notepads)
My camera
A wicker basket full of junk. (Junk - pens, cards, a CD, my UBS cord, stamps, and a measuring tape.)
A Christmas card.
A nail cutter
My speaker (only one works) & headphones
2 glasses cases.


barista brat said...

i read the whole list, but i was craving a nutella and banana crepe while i did it!

Tara Marie said...

Gee, my husband complains about my desk:

1 book
several disks
a Scrabble desk calender
a pencil cup
an RT
box of tissues
3 bottles of nail polish

I'm going to show him your list. I used to love Nutella, but I've developed a hazelnut allergy that's really bad.

Sam said...

Oh - so sorry about mentioning the Nutella guys, LOL.
My daughter likes it for breakfast on toast.
I like it anyway at all.

Sam said...

I didn't mention that my desk has FIVE shelves, and each shelf is just like the main desk - I didn't even try to start listing what's on the shelves, LOL!
Suffice to say I have tarot cards and a beanie-baby unicorn sitting on my paperclip boxes and a whole slew of other Very Important Stuff I can't live without...

Nienke said...

That's it? You must have a little desk. ::winks::

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

Oh, that word Nutella just pops right out at me, Sam! Sheer caloric heaven!

What amazes me about your desk is that you can actually tell what’s on it so easily. LOL Mine is so piled with assorted crap going back to who knows when and God knows where that it would be a monumental task for me to sort through just the uppermost layer. Methinks you’re a far neater person than I am! ;-)

Wynn Bexton said...

Oh my! I was going to say it sounds way more crowded than mine but then I noted you have shelves (5?). I think I'll post what's on mine too but look on my other blog

Michelle B said...

Sam, if I tried to list everything on my desk, I'd be here for at least a week LOL! The only good thing would be that I would *have* to clean it off in order to list everything:)

Jona said...

I love Nutella, ummmmm! In fact nutella spooned onto a banana used to be a favourite (when I was a child of course!)

Your desk doesn't seem so bad, I don't have thhe time to list everything on mine ;o)

Madeline Hill said...

Sure glad I read this blog entry AFTER I cleaned off my TWO desk tops today!! Now, it's just an antique pitcher filled with pens, two framed son and my DH, laptop, printer, basket with scrap paper in it, and the desk to the left still has a pile of mags I will use to clip stuff for my soulcollage cards and my goal book plus two TBR books.

Now last night's desktops..ANOTHER STORY!! I have four trashbags full of.. STUFF to toss!

Gabriele C. said...

Hehe, my desk is not messy. Can't work on a messy desk.

bowl with pens and post-its

I have a glass desk with two plates, and on the lower one are

box with copied papers
box with CDs and floppies

That's it. :)

Sam said...

So obviously there are the "Messy" desks and the "Clean" desk people out there.
Now we have to see which ones like dark chocolate, and which like milk chocolate...
I love Milk Chocolate and my desk is a Mess!

Michelle B said...

LOL Sam! I prefer Milk chocolate too and I'm a messy desk person.

photo-effe said...

WOW nice idea

Gabriele C. said...

I prefer white chocolate. :P

Bonita said...

I have a wee little Queen Anne type desk in my library. While the top has many things on it, it is fairly well organized (ie -- I can find things, LOL). BTW, I love Nutella -- my daughter and I had Nutella, banana, whipped cream crepes twice this week for dessert.