Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Disappearing Covers & a Mysterious Spring

I suppose there is a reason for it although I can't come up with anything logical. On Amazon my book covers are disappearing one by one, replaced by 'Image Not Available' signs that look sort of sad and empty.
Being a resourceful sort of person, (my hero, McGyver) I uploaded some new pictures so customers can see the cover. I also e-mailed Amazon, and if anyone has ever done that they know that it's like writing a letter, opening the window, and tossing it outside with the hopes that someone from Amazon who can actually Do something will pick it up off the ground.

A Mysterious Spring
Here is a photo of the Nymphorium near my house. It was built on the site of a sacred spring and stream. (The druids worshipped running water.) The Romans arrived, conquered Gaul, and made the sacred spring into a nymphorium - that is, a temple dedicated to the worship of a nymph. This temple datesd from about the year 100 AD.
Whenever I drive by it, my radio stops. It is impossible to get any station in this area. Very mysterious.


S. W. Vaughn said...

LOL! You pegged Amazon exactly. It's a wonder they get that mammoth website to operate at all, when it seems everyone who works there exists in a separate universe and has no clue what the rest of them are doing... glad you are getting your covers reinstated!

That picture is beautiful. I could live there. :-)

barista brat said...

how lucky you are to drive by that beautiful site.
maybe the radio quits working so people won't be distracted when passing the nymphorium.
just a thought, haha.

December Quinn said...

Maybe you should leave an offering of milk, and then your radio will work again.

Just a thought...

Madeline Hill said...

Verrrrrry interesting! Kind of like the Bermuda Triangle??

Wynn Bexton said...

milk...or honey and perhaps a few garlands of Spring flowers.
A beautiful place to capture the Muse.

Sam said...

I'll have to go there on summer solstice and make some sort of offering...
Beer and flowers perhaps?