Monday, May 29, 2006


I just finished reading Marley and Me, and it was the cutest book Evah!! I've had Labradors all my life - so they are near and dear to my heart. Marley's antics are so typically Lab that it should be required reading for anyone thinking about getting a Lab.
Here are some of the things my Labs have done:
Chewed rugs, chair rungs, a wicker chair (the whole thing reduced to matchstick-size overnight) the TV control, & any food within reach, including a whole platter of frozen shrimp left on the table to thaw.
Ripped the handle clean off the front door (fear of thunderstorms) I left my dog alone when I went shopping and there was a storm. She literally tore the front door apart to get out of the house. She ran to my neighbor's house and crashed through his screen door to hide under his lags (he was in his dining room - startled him, as you can imagine.)
This same dog: One day a summer thunderstorm hit and my sons were still out in the yard - she went out to get them to bring them back inside where it was safe. I can still see her, practically crawling out to them, her tail tucked between her trembling legs, pushing them with her nose towards the house, whining with terror.
This same dog (her name was Fudge): when my daughter was born she would lie in front of the baby stroller. If anyone came near, she would lift her lips without a sound, showing her sharp teeth. If the person insisted on coming a step closer, a loud growl would sound deep in her throat. NO one ever took another step closer. I could leave my daughter in her stroller and feel she was perfectly safe.
When I was a baby we had two yellow Labs, Cain and Abel. Cain died, and Abel lay on his grave and would not eat. He let himself die as well.
I have another Lab called Rusty now. She loves Everyone. She is not a guard dog. She never barks - ever. She is, without a doubt, the sweetest Lab I've ever known. All she wants to do is eat, lol. She loves to play, and her favorite game is sliding down the hill in the snow like an otter. She runs, leaps into the air, and slides down the hill on her belly.
I love Labs.


Cheyenne McCray said...

You always have the most interesting posts, Sam. I just wanted to stop by and say hello!

Michelle B said...

Awww Sam, I've always wanted a Lab! I haven't had one because I don't have enough space for a dog in the apartment. My parents' neighbors have a black lab (Beau) and my aunt and uncle used to have a chocolate lab (Ginger).

If my parents' neighbors don't come home before dark, Beau barks constantly until they come home. One weekend they went out of town and left him alone (a neighbor came by and fed him) and he howled all weekend!

Ginger loved to eat too! I remember once when I was visiting, I was downstairs watching TV. I heard a really loud crash from upstairs and then Ginger came running down the stairs with a roll in her mouth. She practically swallowed it whole. Later I found out she ate *all* of the rolls that we were going to have with dinner from off the counter!

Jona said...

I love Labs too ! And you made me think of all my dogs past, thank you :o)

Lyn Cash said...

I just love labs! Great post (sigh) and makes me miss labs who have graced me with their spirits then passed.

A friend of mine could just say "squirrel" in a whisper, and her lab would immediately jump to attention - he loved watching squirrels - lol.

Wynn Bexton said...

We used to have a Lab too. Her name was Taffy. She was also terrified of thunder. When we moved up to northern Alberta my husband wanted to see if she could be trained to hunt (she was a born retreiver) but she got so terrifed the moment the gun went off she literally climbed through a partly opened window of the car, covered with mud.

Later we had another dog: a Lab/Samoyed cross, Chinook. She had the sweet disposition of a Lab but the strength of a Samoyed. She was white, Lab-sized and loved pulling the kids on a toboggan-sled my husband made for her in winter. My son took her in the Mukluk Mardis Gras dog-sled race and she would have won it (against regular trained sled dogs) except the person trailing second stepped on the back of my son's sled and slowed it down.

Patrice Michelle said...

This is great, Sam! I'm printing it out for my hubby who LOVED Marley and Me. :)