Monday, May 01, 2006

A conference in Wiesbaden

Here is a view from the conference hotel window:

I had a great time - I got back yesterday and hugged my kids, noticed the house was clean and took them out to dinner to say thanks for mowing the lawn and cleaning the house while I was gone.

The conference was a lot of fun. I met some wonderful readers and writers. Rosemary Laurey was there and she is terrific. We gave a workshop on vampires and had a great time. I got her fourth book in the series and I am Loving it. (Keep me Forever) I also discovered Sherrilyn Kenyon (I don't know What took me so long - I love vampires and Greek myths, this was too good to be true! I am now a fan girl! LOL - it also helps that she's sweet and funny!)
My roommate was nice and didn't snore, and we had fun going out for beer at night at a Viking Bar!

There was some good advice for aspiring authors and a workshop on mangas given by yours truly - some truly stupendous manga authors and illustrators showed up so we had a really great time.
But the best thing I did was going to a Spa for an afternoon - it was lovely! Wiesbaden is built on hot springs, was a Roman outpost, and has a beautiful thermal spa right near the conference hotel. :-)
Well, I'll try to write a more coherent report when I've had a decent night's sleep!
Right now I have to go see what the puppy is up to!


Bonita said...

Delighted am I that you had such a wonderful time. Sherrilyn Kenyon and Rosemary Laurey are both excellent authors. Rest up and update us later.

Zinnia said...

It's so darn far for me to drive to anything like that.

I'd faint if I returned home to a clean house!

Lena said...

Sounds like my kind of conference! How could you ever get writer's block again? ;)

I really am disturbed that you get to come home to a clean house. Un. Fair. When will this 4 year old be old enough??

Nienke said...

Gorgeous view! Aah, I miss Europe. I can't wait to hear more about the conference. What is a manga?

December Quinn said...

Well, you made quite a good impression on the Triskelion authors you met, I've read a few comments there about how nice you are. :-)