Thursday, September 01, 2005

A Prayer for New Orleans

I'm shattered by the devestation in New Orleans and the surrounding cities. The plight of the people living there is desperate.
I'm also sending a prayer for Jamie Joy - she designed my website. Her home is New Orleans, a city I visited once and fell in love with.
The refugees from the hurricane are like refugees from a war zone. They have lost everything and need our help. Another website has posted that the American Red Cross is the best place to send donations. Please don't hesitate to contact them.


Wynn Bexton said...

Hello again Sam, I 'm absolutely horrified and astounded by the devastation. It's impossible to believe that beautiful city under water and all those inhabitants left with nothing! Yesterday I happened to be looking through my portfolio of travel stories and found the two I'd written about New Orleans. I still can't believe it!

Sam said...

Isn't it awful? I'm so glad Bush has pledged to rebuild the city. It really is a special place.