Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Gym class starts today, and I'm happy to be going back to work out (and hopefully work off the extra pound summer sloth-ing brings) I also go to yoga on Tuesday nights to straighten out the kinks from my back. I've always had back pains until I started yoga - so now I go regularly.
I'm waiting to hear back from my editor about the last installment of Paradise Earth. I sent her the finished product - but in a very rough draft form, as I wanted some imput about it. My crit partners are all busy this summer, and I didn't want to post it through my online crit group as it means I'll have to do some critting in return and I haven't got the time. (the truth about having critiques done is that you feel guilty if you can't return the favor - and some authors send you whole books and never critique anything back...so it's a hard balance to strike. )
I have a crit partner I really love, she really criticises, which is sort of the whole idea. Some people are afraid to hurt your feelings. I understand that - but if you want to progress, you have to learn to take some advice. You also have to learn which advice to take, and which to leave. It's a question of too many cooks spoiling the soup.
And then the book goes to an editor and you learn what real pain is like...


Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and delurking earlier. ;-)

We writers sorely need good constructive criticism it and it’s difficult to come by. I can’t depend on my husband for it because he’s convinced everything I write is pure gold when, in reality, my first drafts more closely resemble corroded metal. LOL In fact, whenever I show him a less than stellar review of one of my books he plunges into a rant about what an idiot the reviewer is because my writing is sheer perfection. Sigh. Poor dear deluded man.

He’s very protective of my feelings, and I appreciate that, but I sincerely wish he was able to be objective and admit it when he spots something I write as being crap before I submit it and hear that from an editor instead. LOL I keep trying to tell him that I really and truly need him to be blunt because I NEED that constructive criticism to make me grow as a writer, but my sweetie just can’t bring himself to say anything he deems hurtful about my writing. While I adore him as a husband, I’m afraid I’ve had to divorce him as a critique partner.

This all means that I’m a very lucky woman to have such a caring, loving husband, but that I need somebody to verbally slap me around when it comes to critiques!

Sam said...

I know what you mean. Fortunately I have a mother who is a demon editor and tears my work apart with no scruples whatsoever.
I wish she were my editor, but I send her my first drafts for critiques. (But before I look at the results I take two aspirin...)
BTW - I loved your books Shipping Sharon and the Egghead one - (sorry I'm terrible about titles) Also, didn't you write a book of short stories??
I grabbed all your books to review for Word Weaving and for Scribe's World when I was a reviewer.

Wynn Bexton said...

Hi Sam, yes critiquing is important. Lucky for me, I've been a member of an excellent critique group for a number of years and they are well acquainted with my work. I don't know if I'd have got so far with this difficult novel without their consistently helpful commentaries.