Friday, September 02, 2005


Angie posted that her daughter is dairy allergic, and how hard it was to give her a varied diet. I remember when my twins were allergic to dairy and had to have soya products. Thankfully they grew out of them. I have grown in and out of different allergies all my life. They are Such a pain. But dairy allergies are pretty common. I think Chinese and oriental foods have very little dairy in them. My uncle said he had no milk or cheese for the five years he lived in China. I just watched a program on Indian cooking and there was no dairy in there, except for the clarified butter they use in many dished. Otherwise they use coconut milk for sauces and plain vegitable oil to cook with. Most of their dishes are vegetarian. I loved seeing them make the rice pancakes - and the fish curry with coconut made me Drool!
Getting hungry here. Must be time for lunch!
My son has asthma and is allergic to a few foods. The twins were dairy allergic for more than a year. And I just this year developed an allergy to strawberries (I never liked them much, so it's no big loss) But now if I eat one I get a terrible pain in the back of my throat and head. Isn't that wierd??
One of my favorite romance heroines had an allergy to peanuts. I remember that stood out in the book. Allergies are also one way to make a character more unique and memorable. Notice I said Character - I can't for the life of me remember the book or the plot, lol.


Tara Marie said...

Food allergies are something I live with everyday of my life. Dairy and soy, which are almost impossible to avoid completely.

The doctors recommended I breastfeed my son for a year to help avoid his developing allergies too. One of my nieces had both dairy and soy allergies and the formula was a small fortune. She outgrew them by the time she was a year.

Sam said...

That is a lot of allergy causing foods to avoid! Yikes!
I had to breast feed the twins for three months, and they had special formula before switching to soy at nine months (preemies) It is horribly expensive. I was glad when, after nearly a year, the doctor said they could have regular formula.