Sunday, September 04, 2005

Frank Rich pulls no punches

This is quite a vitrolic article - Frank Rich pulls no punches, comparing New Orleans to the Titanic and castigating Bush for leaping into a plane for one person (Schiavo) while waiting two days on vacation while an entire city drowned.
I have to admit, he made my day.


Wynn Bexton said...

This is an excellent article and I've printed it out for my friend in the hospital. He's a Chilean refugee (from the Pinochet regime) and is a political activist. I know he'll appreciate reading it.

Sam said...

The NY Times is churning out a bunch of good articles. And you can find others at the Guardian.
So depressing though. When I think that I've been through 2 hurricanes and know what it's like (but at the time FEMA had its act together and help arrived the next day) and how these poor people are suffering. I hope Something good comes out of this mess - like an impeachment.