Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My son, the Fireman!

The fireman's calendar has arrived! I got a preview copy - but I plan to get a bunch more.
Here's the cover picture. Son Sebi is in the front row, second from the left looking at the photo.

My husband and I were looking at the picture today, and he said, "Kids can really surprise you, don't they?"

And it's true. I never imagined Sebi as a fireman (he's also a full time psychology student!) but it's nice when kids surprise you (most of the time, lol.) We never pushed our kids in any particular direction, except to get their diplomas. Maybe I pushed my other son, Alex, towards veterinary medicine, but right now he's studying microbiology and loving it, so maybe he'll change direction as well. My daughter has announced she wants to be a mounted policewoman. I love when kids look toward the future and see wonderful, intersting choices ahead of them. That's when I think that I've done a good job as a mother.

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John Nez said...

Indeed those kids can surprise one... and they can shock and amaze and keep you up all night worried sick!

My youngest has opened his own business selling fancy tennis shoes! Air-Jordans, they're called. The postman knocked on the door and there were 4 giant boxes from china marked 'shoes'. Now his room looks like a shoe store!

And my oldest is really getting grown up now... with a steady girlfriend. Luckily she's just perfect... and a great influence.