Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I forgot what I was going to say

Don't you hate that?
I was lying in bed last night, and I was thinking of blogging subjects (I rarely do this, so you'd think I'd remember what I was thinking about) and I thought of something interesting...and I forgot what it was about.
As my husband would say "It must not have been that interesting." Which he always says when I tell him I've forgotten what I was about to say.
My train of thought is easily derailed.

I'm in deadline Hell, so forgive me if I don't blog hop as much as I'd like to.
And I'll try to remember what it was I was about to say.


Rosie said...

LOL! I get scathingly brilliant* ideas for posts, jot down a few key words look at them later and wonder what in heck I was thinking because I have no clue what my key words mean.

*Remember 'The Trouble with Angels' with Haley Mills and Rosalind Russell? Haley's character was always saying that and getting herself into trouble.

Sam said...

Rosie, I know what you mean exactly. I decided to keep a notepad near my bed, so that if I got a brilliant idea in the middle of the night, I could jot it down. I did - and the next morning I stared at the gobbly-gook and wondered what the heck I'd been smoking!