Saturday, December 22, 2007

Deck the Halls!

The tree glitters, the house is decked with boughs of pine and swaths of ribbon, and there are oranges in the bowl on the table.
My daughter is feeling much better today - - thanks so much for the well wishes.
I have finished the shopping, the cards are sent, the house is fairly clean, the stockings are hung, and it's still icy, cold, and clear outside. White frost is sparkling on the trees and ground, beckoning Auguste to escape and go for a dash through the woods.
A couple days ago I got a letter from someone who read my book 'Time for Alexander'. He was quite indignant at the liberties I took with the historical part of the story. I wondered how to reply. (And if I should reply) Finally I sent a note saying that it was a fiction book, and should be taken as thus. (After all, there's a modern woman zipping through time to interview Alexander the Great and getting mistaken for Persephone - I'd have thought that the fiction part was pretty well established...) I wonder if I did the right thing though. I suppose this means he won't be reading the rest of the series.
But I did get great news - Zombie Jack was chosen by one of JERR's reviewers as her 'read of the year'! Hurrah for Zombie Jack!


Oopsy Daisy said...

Awesome news on Zombie Jack!

Frankly that person who wrote about Alexander the Great needs to take a chill pill. If he wants total historical accuracy he should read non-fiction instead of fiction. People! (rolling my eyes)

ORION said...

Congratulations ! Your tree looks gorgeous...
Have a wonderful holiday and we just may meet up in 2008!

Bernita said...

Sometimes people like that just want to show off how much they know.
I think your answer was appropriate.

Sam said...

Thanks Daisy. If I cuold send those chill pills by e-mail I would have happily mailed one off, lol.

Pat - You're coming to France!!! YAY!

Bernita - thanks for the approbation - I honestly doubted I was doing the right thing as I hit 'send'. (Of course, by then it's too late, lol.)