Thursday, December 28, 2006

Is it New Years Eve yet?

Usually the holidays seem to go by in a blur. This year, it's like everything is going in slow motion. Is it because for once, I have nearly an entire week for myself with no lessons, deadlines, or parties? And the weather is dreadful - the kind of wet, cold weather that makes your throat hurt just to step outside. Ugh. I've been mostly cleaning, reading (Oh, I got such great books for Christmas!) and playing Heroes V, that my son Alex got me for Christmas. Yes, I'm a Heroes fan, lol.
My daughter and I sit and watch Hercule Poirot films until late at night (my husband got me a collection of them) and I munch on my Alfajores (my neice brought them for me from Argentina - they are my favorite yummy sweet!) and I take lots of pictures of the kids.

For the New Year; we're going to a friend's house. It will be just the four of us and lots of kids. (mine, theirs, plus cousins and pals) and I'm bringing dessert.
I can't wait for New Year's Day - I get to hang up my New Rugby Man Calendar! Yes - my hubby got me the 2007 French Rugbyman calendar. Whew!
But none are as gorgeous as my son. I think I need to get this guy to a modeling agency, lol. He's my voluntary fireman/psychology major son, and he's pretty handsome. (see photo taken at Christmas dinner below) (OK enough bragging.)
His twin, Alex, left to go back to the US yesterday, so I'm feeling a little heartbroken. The house feels empty without both boys here. Even the dogs were sad and moped. I cheered myself up thinking of all the presents my sister in law has given me throughout the years. She is master at finding just the right thing that you have no idea what to do with. She gave me a plastic bracelet once. Another time I got writing paper lifted from a hotel room. This year it was 6 bubble bath beads - and I don't have a bath tub, only a shower. My husband, who never drinks, got a wine thermometer this year. We have decided that the only thing better than a present from my sister in law is no present from my sister in law. But it is good for a blog posting. It also makes me laugh when I see the "Do you hate your Christmas present? Sell it online and make money!" ad here on the Wanadoo home page. (on the French site)
Well, I'm off to watch some more TV with my daughter and be lazy again tonight! Don't you just LOVE vacation?


ORION said...

Yes Sam your son ROCKS!
Mine is covered with tatoos and earrings. LOL.
But he is working on my website so I can't complain!
I do am looking forward to the new year when my deal will be posted...
I cannot wait!

Wynn Bexton said...

Wow! sign him up now!
I should post some pix of my grandson, also a hunky young man!

Sam said...

Thanks! Wynn - We should post pics of the hunks and call it 'Hunk Month' instead of January, lol.
Orion - mine had earrings until just recently - when he joined the fire department he took them off! And I'm sure he'd love to get a few tattoos - my dad had one and the boys thuoght it was 'too cool', lol.

December Quinn said...

Yes, that is one beautiful man.

Evil Under the Sun is one of my favorite movies ever! I can't watch David Souchet as Poirot. Peter Ustinov is Poirot, that's that.

Gabriele C. said...

Hm, he could make a good Julius Pollienus. Ok. Pollienus isn't a nice guy but he's sexy, and we all know sexy bad guys have a certain appeal. :)

I have a bath tub, but my SiL has a talent for picking scents I hate. I want lavender and sandalwood, not vanilla.

Kate R said...

yup and your boy was pretty good looking when you showed him in that fireman getup too. I just listened to a book on tape: my year in Merde. Pretty funny. (although I didn't like the main character.)

I thought of you and your son--at some point he mentions the word for fireman is something like pump attendant

OH, and I thought of you because stupid old Barnes and Noble still thinks you're me in the January EC anthology (which is out already!).

Sam said...

Hi Kate!
Am I still listed as you on that site? How bizarre! LOL
I hope it sells megagazillions! How exciting! Did they do any sort of promo for it?