Thursday, December 14, 2006


This week has been a whirlwind, and if you know me, you'll know I hate whirlwinds. I am calm. I am collected. I am half comatose most of the time, lol, but this week has been a busy one. And of course, I get my edits! My editor is on vacation so I don't have to hand them in until After the holidays, but it just seemed funny that they arrived precisely this week.

It started with Saturday and the Village Christmas FĂȘte!
Every year the village has a party for 'decking the halls' sort of thing - when they decorate the village tree and have a little 'tea' for the elderly. The kids in the village get together and present some sort of act. (This is amazing to me - the kids practice every Wednesday for two months to perfect everything. The little kids have their parents to help out - this year they dressed like cowboys and did a little square dance - too cute!)
And my daughter and her friend did a sort of modern dance with lots of high kicks and lifts, and it was pretty cool! Santa came with his donkey. (Yes, his donkey, lol)
Here is a picture of the village Santa:
He gave presents after the fĂȘte - and I wished I'd gotten a picture of him with his glass of champagne, lol!

Then Sunday was the Horse Fair, and of course I had to take my daughter to Paris to see that. Millions of people. Crowds. No parking. Driving in horrific traffic. My daughter was Thrilled.
I was exhausted. Monday was almost calm - just a lunch with friends, and then Tusday another lunch with another set of friends. Wednesday was the busiest day - five English lessons and then a trip to Paris for a book signing!
A friend of ours wrote a wonderful book about polo, and he asked me to do some illustrations for it, so I did and he took six of them and used them in the book. Here is a picture of me sitting next to him in Paris last night!

Charles Emmanuel de Bourbon-Parme and Moi at a book signing for the book 'POLO - A Sport to Discover' (by Charles-Emmanuel de Bourbon Parme). It's written in French and English - it's got wonderful photos and art work in it, and some very funny drawings by yours truly.

If you want a copy it's 29€ plus shipping from France. Just let me know.

Tomorrow I go pick up Alex at the airport at noon! He's coming home for the holidays - and his brother actually cleaned up their room for him!



Wynn Bexton said...

Great pix. I love the Santa with the donkey. Very festive! And how nice for you to get to a book signing and have your illustrations published.

Gabriele C. said...

Charles-Emmanuel de Bourbon Parme sounds like he's from one of those old noble families. :)

Sam said...

very old, very noble! And very nice!

Gabriele C. said...

Still avaliable? *grin*

Sam said...

'fraid not! Happily married, lovely wife, dotes on his kids!

Bonita said...

What a fantastic day for your daughter. Your picture at the sigining was lovely. Congratulations!

Ivy said...

What a lovely village you must be in to have a Santa like that

Anonymous said...

So you do artwork as well at write... multitalented!