Monday, December 18, 2006

Das Versprechen

My daughter just came home from school with a surprise. Her German teacher had read my book 'The Promise', and liked it so much she translated it into German! She is a native German speaker, and I think she's done an awesome job. So here I am with a German manuscript of 'Das Versprechen' - which is a science fiction YA book about a world without adults. They all died during a plague brought on by a meteorite. The teacher is now busy translating 'Red Sky', and I absolutely have to call her. I never knew she was doing this, you see. She told me daughter, who sort of said one day that her teacher loved the Promise and was translating it - but I thought she meant she was translating it for herself to read, lol.

Anyhow, I'll try to get hold of an electronic copy of this so I can send it to friends in Germany!
And here is a wonderful sculpture that I found in an antique shop here. It's called the Voyager, and it's a protrait of Napolean Bonaparte leaving the battlefield. The cold wind is in his face, it blows his cloak, and pins his horse's ears back. The sculpture is amazing - and if you have about 55,000 euros, it can be yours! *sigh* I wish I could win the lottery.


ORION said...

I want you to remember your comment when my website goes up and you see the title and first chapter of my novel!

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

That is so cool, Sam! The woman obviously loves your writing to put all that effort into translating it. :-D

Bonita said...

What a wonderful gift of time and effort. Congratulations.

Wynn Bexton said...

Such a compliment to you that she took the time to translate.

And the gorgeous!

Southern Writer said...

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Sam said...

Orion - I'm intrigued - when is your website going to be up?
And Bonita, Wynn & Daisy - I agree!!
Southern Writer - I'd love to thank Miss Snark for her hard work - I've learned a LOT from her blog. Probably more than from any other blog about the industry! But I saw your note a couple days too late!