Thursday, March 23, 2006


I'm in the middle of a chapter and thought I'd take time out to do my Thursday Thirteen list.
Here is is:
Thirteen things about myself that I hate.
1) I can procrastinate for days.
2) I hate making decisions about money.
3) I can't stand my stomach
4) I really hate my singing voice. It scares crows.
5) I hate my habit of interrupting people
6) I can't tell my left from my right
7) I can't do math. Numbers make my heart race.
8) I can't say 'no' to chocolate.
9) I can't tell a joke - even the easiest ones fall flat when I tell them.
10)I'm incapable of balancing my monthly budget
11)I can't say no to kids and gypsies selling stuff door to door.
12)I bite my fingernails
13)I clench my jaw at night so hard I have to wear a teeth guard.

Thirteen things about myself I actually like:
1) My freckles
2) My sense of humor
3) My family (well, most of them, lol.)
4) I like to play games
5) I'm basically friendly
6) I'm a sucker for a stray dog or cat
7) I can write with both hands at once, and write backwards and forwards.
8) I can do a handstand
9) I make pretty bouquets with flowers
10)I'm a decent rider
11)I can get along with prickly people
12)I can concentrate and finish any project
13)I have a hell of an imagination

Happy Thursday Thirteen!
Since I'm technically challanged, (I forgot to put that in the hate list) Just add your blog in the comments list - thanks!!


Mama Kelly said...

a balanced and honest Thursday 13 -- mine is now up too

Lyn Cash said...

How interesting! (Had to come get my Sam fix before bedtime - hehehe.) Your #7 about what you like about yourself? ACK - I've never known anyone else who could do that. I'm ambidextrous, which is a curse when I go to do something new...never know which hand to use. But I kinda like being able to do the writing tricks. *grin*

Sam said...

Thanks for posting Mama Kelly!
And that's funny Lyn, I never met anyone who could do that either - it used to impress the kids at school, lol!

Doug Hoffman said...

You do have rather nice freckles, Sam! I like the new pic of you. Hard to believe you & the old photo are the same person ;)

Mine's up, but you knew that.