Friday, March 10, 2006


Well, yesterday was busy. I went to gym, went shopping for groceries, had lunch with a pal at a sushi restaurant (Love sushi - Luckily - you'll see why) Got home, took a jog with son and dogs, then I checked my e-mail and found a letter from agent Caren (sounds vaguely F.B.I.-ish doesn't it?) asking me for some new revisions on chapter One. Seems she preferred my original beginning instead of what she'd suggested. I took her ideas and incorporated it into my original beginning now it absolutely rocks. Two heads Are better than one. And Caren has some good suggestions. (I love talented people.)
Then time for dinner party - I got dressed up and went to friends' house. On the table was a huge sushi platter! Yummmmm!
Guests nationalities: Three French, one British, one Argentine, one Malgash (from Madagascar) one German, one American (me). We had Cosmos for starters and lots of red wine. Then I was up at 6 a.m. this morning trying to teach our new puppy not to bark and wake everyone up. Rusty, our older dog, was looking on with a pained expression as I stormed downstairs to swat Auguste on the rear. Rusty never barks and thinks Auguste is an aberration. Not to mention a pain in the butt.
Right now they are both snoozing in the same doggy bed (they are so cute when they sleep - just what I used to think about my kids...)


Virenda said...

yes, yes I know I live in Cali and I know sushi is HUGE but I just don't like it. I want too, I really do but the whole fish thing gets in the way.

Sounds like you had a blast and I'm trying my hardest to NOT be jealous. LOL

Have a great weekend!

International-Man-Of-Mystery said...

I love sushi, too. Except for octopus. It reminds me of when I was a kid, trying to chew on a balloon. (Plus I like octopi and felt bad about eating one.) And what are those fish eggs that pop like pop rocks in your mouth? Roe? I don't care for those, either. All the rest is yummy. I've always wanted to try that Japanese puffer fish which can kill you if it isn't prepared right, but never had the opportunity. Maybe that's for the best.

Sam said...

Wayne, I never had octopus of the popping fish egs, lol. I stick to the california roll - mostly veggies with a thin wedge of salmon that makes me feel exotic, lol.
It was a fun day, Virenda! But this weekend my car is still in the shop so my daughter and I are stuck home - and it's Raining again!

International-Man-Of-Mystery said...

The California Rolls with shrimp are my favorites.

I think the puffer fish the Japanese use for sushi is the same fish from which witch-doctors extract the toxin they use to make zombies. Really. (And ironically, I just watched "The Serpent and the Rainbow" again yesterday. Hmmm...)

Sam said...

I'm interested in the zombie thing. I've heard of htat before - and since there are puffer fish in the Caribbean, it could be the same or a similar toxin.

Cheyenne McCray said...

You're making me hungry! And here I am trying to fit back into my clothes. I love cosmos!

Jona said...

Lol, can just imagine how I'd feel at six in the morning with a puppy with these habbits ;o)