Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Just started a new book two days ago. On chapter four. Having fun. Decided not to use personal pronouns anymore.

Just kidding.
Actually, I was sitting at my desk happily writing, when my husband came in the room, cup of coffee and plate of toast in hand, looking for tape.
Why do men never know where the tape it? Or the batteries, or the new package of toilet paper? I'm not the perfect house-keeper, but my brain, for some reason, keeps track of all these little things. I can be immersed in a new story and can still tell you where everything is.

"Tape is in the basket by the toaster. Batteries are in the drawer under the toaster in the kitchen...Where they always are."

"Oh, right. Thanks."

The tape is quite visible for anyone in the kitchen using either the toaster of the coffee maker (hubby makes his own toast and coffee in the morning) So he saw the tape at least three times before asking where it could be. The batteries never move. They've been in the same place for five years now.
I'm trying to form a hypothesis about men's brains and looking for house-hold items. I will test it for a few years and it will evolve into a theory. Sort of like the theory of evolution only far easier to prove. I'm betting this will be accepted as fact in a few years' time. Men's brains only have room for toast and coffee.

P.S. - he just asked me where the strawberry jam was hiding...(It was next to the sugar bowl.)


Hobici said...

Very nice blog,

Did you visit my blog???

Bonita said...

Not only can they not find things, they can not put things away once they use them! LOL

Sam said...

Hi Hobici - I love your blog and that shawl is Awesome. I'd love one like that.

Bonita - I can't get into yuor blog - I keep getting an error message!!!

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

This post really made me laugh. My husband knows where everything is at all times--unless I’m busy writing, that is. LOL Then he’s suddenly the Man of a Million Questions. That’s also the time he can’t resist popping into my work area repeatedly to read me some can’t-wait miscellaneous tidbits he’s come across in the newspaper. Naturally when we’re sitting together at the kitchen table having coffee, his nose is buried in the paper and he has nothing to say. ;-)

Sorry to be absent from your blog for so long, Sam. Between bouts of coughing, wheezing, sneezing and feeling sorry for my poor sick self, I haven’t kept up with blogging. I’m so far behind on everything it isn’t even funny. LOL

Sam said...

Daisy here are some 'get well' (((hugs)))

Nienke said...

My husband asked if I noticed that he cleaned out my hairbrush yesterday. He said it was "grody." I didn't mention the socks, the newspapers, the laundry on the floor, the bills, the dishes, or the hair in the sink. But I suppose I'm glad my brush is free of hair.
Funny post! I can't wait to hear your theory, although I think I may already know it!!

Gabriele C. said...

Daisy, how about a lock at your office door? If men don't get the Tell part (like, that's my writing time and I don't like to be interrupted), Show them. :p

Tara Marie said...

Well put--LOL. And, why when tools are missing do they ask "what did you do with my...?"

Cheyenne McCray said...

LOL, Sam. Sure sounds really familiar!

Bonita said...

Sam, I will send you an invitation, so maybe you will be able to get in. No body else has mentioned any problems but with yahoo, who knows.

Virenda said...

LOL, girl you have hit the nail on the freaking head.

WHY OH WHY can my hubby find nothing?!

Even though I have kept his underwear and socks in the same drawer for SEVEN years he still doesn't get it! He will go to the one below it, or next to it. ~sigh~

Toast? yummy.

Does the strawberry jam really hide? hmmmm.

Jaynie R said...


My hubby is always losing his wallet or keys or phone. Every morning he drags me out of bed to help him search.

Sam said...

Well, this morning my husband surprised me - he found the extension cord on teh first try!
Of course, this might count as a 'tool' and therefor not a 'household item'

I'll look for your invite, Bonita!

Jaynie - I'd buy a 'beeper' for my husband's keys if that happened too often. (he has a beep on his phone that helps him locate it)

Virenda - according to my hubby - jam and cheese hide the most. (Where is the cheese???)

Lena said...

They have to ask. They just HAVE TO. They don't even want to bother looking just in the off chance that we'll say "Oh, those are gone. Don't bother looking".