Tuesday, October 04, 2005


One of the things I love best is hiking. I'm a typical 'fair-weather' hiker though - and the end of summer - beginning of fall has some of the best hiking weather. My daughter has been a hiker since she could walk, it's nice hiking with kids who don't complain about walking. We live in a very hilly region, and that makes hiking even more fun and the views are incredible. Yesterday we hiked out of the village and down into the valley, up to the plain, towards the golf course, down into the ravine where we hunt for fossils, then up onto the plateau where the farmers are ploughing the fields for the winter already.
If you want to see photos of the hike - go to my Jennifer Macaire web blog and check them out.
www.jennifermacaire.com (then click my web journal)


Anonymous said...
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Sam said...

I will remove spam posts from the board here. Some are clever - I might leave those up.

Cheyenne McCray said...

I have a book titled "Walking Europe from Top to Bottom." It's a travel guide to the Grande Randonnee Cinq (GR-5) through Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and France. If I was in shape, I would love to take that hike. There's just something about it that appeals to me and I think it would be an incredible journey. Back in shape would be nice, though.

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Sam said...

That sounds like a great book, Chey. I have some hiking path books for just this region, and there are a lot of hiking clubs around - some of my friends are members, and I go along sometimes as a guest.
I have three friends who hike and we try to get together for long walks - but it's hard to find the time!

Karen Scott said...

You'll be sucked into getting the word verification thingy yet Sam!

The pics are fab by the way!

Sam said...

Thanks Karen!
About the word thingy - I know - I know. But I've been resisting, lol.

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

We love to hike, too, Sam. We moved from Chicago (where everything is completely flat and the winters are freezing) to Oregon (where it’s all hills and valleys, amazingly lush, dense foliage and plenty of waterfalls, and the winters are rainy) a few years ago. The rolling hills through the forests and the hilltop trails along the ocean make the Pacific Northwest perfect for hiking. Your lovely photos are reminiscent of the countryside here.

I always feel renewed and inspired when I take the time to commune with nature. I find that when I come home my creativity has been sparked and when I sit at the keyboard the words just flow.

Thanks for sharing this!