Sunday, October 30, 2005

Bits and Pieces of News

I've been busy lately. The glorious weather has something to do with it - it's so hard to stay inside when the sun is shining and the breeze is warm. We have been going on long hikes and enjoying this prolonged Indian summer. Today the sky started to darken, and according to the weather reports, rain and cold are on their way back. So I'm glad I did profit from it, as I think this winter will be long, cold, gray and dreary! Here is news from my publishing:

Cerridwen Press will release a new, re-edited 'Angels on Crusade'under my pen name, Samantha Winston. The new cover is stunning - check it out on my website, html:// under My Books - 'Angels on Crusade'.

Also, I have been updating my site and have added many things such as a teacher's guide and discussion topics for 'The Secret ofShabaz', and discussion topics for the upcoming 'Horse Passages'and 'Angels on Crusade', both coming out in December 2005!'

Angels on Crusade' is for older teens and adults.
'Horse Passages' is for all ages.
'The Secret of Shabaz' is for young adults, ages 12 and upward.

I will be participating in the annual NanoWrimo in November, checkout my website front page for further details. Everyone is invitedto participate, and it is a fun challenge for writers of all levelsand genres!

And last but not least, I am joining a YA writer's group and we areconsolidating our newsletters to make something more professionaland fun. I will be switching this newsletter over soon, details for joining are on my jennifer macaire website. The YA website is (soon to and is under construction right now. You can have a look around, but you'll have to be patient for a while beforeit's all finished!

Have a Happy Halloween!


Cheyenne McCray said...

You have a *lot* going on! Lots of wonderful things!

Madeline Hill said...

I LOVE the November book in a month thingy-- but then, I am a renegade, and I have to do it in my own time..I have looked, and taken it all in, and have decided to do it in January--a month when I am free and clear, and I will be done my "lying fallow" period!

This gives me time to play with my plot and characters, etc..

WHY do I always have to be a little "outisde the loop???" Sigh--anyone relate??

Oh well, January works for me and I am excited about it!

Sam--I love your descriptions of the seasons in France, where you live!

Sam said...

Hi Chey - Yes, I feel like a hamster on a tread wheel right now, lol.
And Madeleine, thanks so much for your kind words!
About November - I'm actually going to try to make the NanoWrimo into a productive excercise again. Last year I managed to finish a whole novella. I'm aiming to do that again!

Madeline Hill said...

HI-- Is Halloween a big event in France??

Sam said...

Well, not too big. Kids love it so they dress up and wander through the vilage - tonight I had two little goblins come by (with their parents, lol)
There isn't the huge Halloween commercial bang you get in the states. But I loved driving through the village and seeing little witches and a mini-frankenstien, lol.