Monday, October 10, 2005

Computer woes

I need a new computer. Both mine are bugging out on me; my desktop is five years old and keeps crashing, and my laptop has had its keyboard changed once already and it's acting up again - refusing to let me type the letter 'i'.
I thought maybe I could write a new, avant-guarde book without the letter 'i', but that has been done before with the letter 'e', and I can't imagine a more dreadful way to spend my time. Maybe that's what the devil has in mind for me once I get to hell - "You will write a 100,000 word book without the letter 'i', now get to work!"
I suppose if I had eternity and was warm enough, I wouldn't mind so much. That's another problem - it's getting cold and our stone house does not keep warm very well. I go through winter wrapped in big sweaters and usually wear a scarf inside, lol. Well, what do you expect? I grew up in the Caribbean!
Anyhow, if anyone can tell me about Mac computers I'd like some info - is it compatible with my word docs, can I do my website, what software do I need to work?
Any help would be appreciated!!


Cheyenne McCray said...

Mac? Isn't that from the stone age? ;-) Poor Sam! Hope your pain in the butt computer problems go away and that your "i" works. :-)

Sam said...

My pain in the butt computer will go away - as soon as I get a new one, lol.
My poor laptop is another story. I love it - and am ready to pardon the lack of 'i', if I can fix the keyboard. (A keyboard costs about 25 $ on e-bay, so it's no big deal)
My cousin 'souped up' my laptôp so it has a ton of really cool programs on it. I want to keep it, so I hope the 'i' problem goes away soon.

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

Sorry to hear about your computer woes. The letter “I” thing sucks. If it was the Z or X or the semicolon (you know how EC hates those!) then you could deal with it.

I don’t know a darn thing about Macs, other than they’re supposed to be far superior to PCs. The $25 for a new keyboard sounds better than paying for a whole new setup. Hope it all works out!

Madeline Hill said...

Your blog is so nice..I still need help to get some links and pics on mine--my son works with computers all day but tonight may have some time for spruce up my site.

Wow--where would we BE without all those scientific studies that enlighten us so very much about frogs body odor and such??!!LOL

Madeline Hill said...

P.S. Loved hearing about your drafty stone house.. my imagination runs wild.. how did you end up in France??