Saturday, July 05, 2008

The antique car show

Last weekend, I went to an antique car show in a nearby village.
My favorite was a little blue car that the French call 'un pot de yaourt' (the yoghurt pot, lol). There was also a group of Americana collectors with their jeep and army outfits. (I had lunch with them - they offered me pinaud and paté - how could I refuse?)

My friend Isobel (of the goose eggs) liked the Morgan best (red race car, had a plaque that said it won a prize at Le Mans!) And I don't know if you can make this image bigger - but can you see me?

I took a photo of the inside of this little race car, and there I am in the rearview mirror!


Charles Gramlich said...

I like the yellow vette myself. But the morgan would be great to drive down here with the top open.

Rosie said...

I spy with my little eye "Sam in the mirror!"

Gabriele C. said...

So I'm not the only one who still uses the viewfinder on her digital camera for some shots.

Jennifer said...

Charles, the yellow corvette was adorable, but I still thought the little turquoise car was a hoot.

Rosie - yes, there I am!!

Gabriele - it saves batteries a LOT!


Gabriele C. said...

Try lithium batteries. I get some 700 shots out of mine.

pjd said...

Love the yogurt pot, and the reflective photo.

John Nez said...

Those old fashioned cars are such classic designs... a joy to look at and no doubt driving them is fun too.

That tiny little yogurt pot car ought to set the new standard for mileage. I think it's highly fitting and ironic that GM is sinking into bankruptcy from their insane corporate philosophy.

Maybe finally the world is learning that small is good when it comes to cars.