Sunday, June 29, 2008

We're expecting weather in the mid and high nineties tomorrow and Tuesday. It's been muggy lately, but cloudy. When the sun does appear, the temperature soars, so I'm closing my shutters today to keep the cool in.

Today is the pony club "fĂȘte" and we made paper flowers to decorate the ponies. I'll take photos!

Yesterday we had a meomorial trophy at the polo club in Bagatelle for my fahter in law, who was the pro there for over 40 years. The polo game was fine - afterwards we gave trophies and posed for a photo. Very chic. And we had lunch. Ver expensive. I had a gaspatcho soup that set me back 20$!

Then I drove back from Paris, and just as I arrived at the pony club near my house, the car broke down, the front wheel literally fell off the axel as a huge piece of metal broke. Thankfully I was at a near stop, and neither I nor my daughter was hurt, but just ten minutes before I'd been whizzing down the highway, and if it had happened then, well, I don't even like to think about it. So I waited for the tow truck and felt ill for a while. Today I have to go to town and do the things I needed to do yesterday afternoon while I was stuck at the pony club. Well - all's well that ends well is true, after all.


Looking at life from a slightly different angle today!


debra said...

Sobering experience! I'm glad you're ok. The weather her has been rainy and humid. More storms expected today, but blue skies for now. I'm going out to my garden for today's harvest: greens, chard and blueberries (hopefully no slugs!).

Travis Erwin said...

We expect pictures.

Charles Gramlich said...

a 20 dollar soup? Whoa.

Jennifer said...

Hi Debra - Blueberries!!!
I'm so jealous. They don't grow here very well (or not at all - I've only ever found frozen ones at the market!)

Travis - pictures ASAP, lol.

Charles - It was good soup - but I was expecting something with lots of veggies around it, but it came all plain with three little croutons. A gyp, I tell you.


Wynn Bexton said...

Whew! that was a close call. glad you and your daughter are OK.
Hot and sunny here (finally summer has arrived). I just got back from California too so I'm glad for the sunshine. But now it's back to serious writing again and the apartment gets so hot in the day!

Bernita said...

A close call. Makes one shiver.

John Nez said...

That is scary! Cars in general inhabit a world of unreality in most people's minds I think. Most people are more afraid of bears than cars... but cars are lots more dangerous.

Glad to see it's all summery in France. We've just now finally had 3 dependably summery days in a row after the coldest June since 1894.

It feels like a time warp going from having the furnace on and wearing gloves to the middle of deep summer.

Rosie said...

It boggles my mind how different a life can be if just one small component is changed. That you were near a stop when this happened with your car is frankly amazing.

It gives one pause, doesn't it? I'ms so very glad you escaped unscathed.