Thursday, June 26, 2008


August chasing the blackbird in our garden

I had a lot of work to do today at the computer, so, before I sat down, I thought I'd do something fun. I filled a plastic basin with hot water and added baking soda and a handful of thyme - sat down to work and soaked my feet. When the water got cold, I used it to clean the steps where the dogs sit. Then I put into the same plastic tub a cup of olive oil and a cup of sea salt, sat down, and rubbed my feet in it as I worked.
It was lovely.
My feet are SO soft and smooth now. But when I went into the kitchen to wash out the basin, my silly dog Auguste darted in and gulped down a huge mouthful of sea-salt - and it made him sick. (He's better now) but it also gave him gas. Not funny.
The windows are wide open.
Auguste is sitting quite happily at my feet.
I have to breathe - lightly.
Silly Auguste. I went out and mowed the lawn, and there is a young blackbird in our garden. He's fearless, loves to tease Auguste, and hopped along, right next to my lawnmower, eating whatever he could. At one point he had a worm dangling from his beak as he walked beside me, as if he were accompanying me across the lawn. Then Auguste noticed and gave chase. The saucy bird flipped into a low tree and started cackling at the dog, by now foaming at the mouth and hysterical.
I had to stop the lawnmower, shoo Auguste into the house, and shoo the bird out of our garden.


Barbara Martin said...

Wire haired dachshunds are neat. I like them better than the smooth coats. Feisty dogs who like to hunt whenever they have a chance.

Travis Erwin said...

I chuckled at the story of your dog and bird. i also like the looks of Ol' Auguste.

debra said...

I'll be trying the foot soak tomorrow :-) However, I will keep the liquid from the dogs. Dog farts x 3 is more than I can stand.

Charles Gramlich said...

Makes me want to soak my feet. I may do that later.

Bernita said...

Auguste the Wonder Dog!

pjd said...

Not funny.

One may disagree.

Love the image of the bird marching beside you.

Gabriele C. said...

Blackbirds are not afraid of humans at all. Or cats. And obviously dogs as well.

They came into my parents' sleeping room to pick fluffs out of the carpet, they sleep in the flower pots on my balcony, they breed in our cycle room in the cellar and use the bicycles as leverage for the first attempts to fly, no matter you want to take yours out ....

Wynn Bexton said...

I'd love to meet that dog of yours. such a character!
Thanks for the idea of soaking feet while writing. I will definitely do that tomorrow!

I got a lot of lovely foot therapy stuff for my birthday.