Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday Thanksgiving Thirteen

I am thankful for:

1: My friends and family.

2: To live in such a nice village, so near a golf course.

3: My readers.

4: My gym class

5: My English students

6: My dogs, for being such great doggies.

7: My husband counts as family, but I'm putting and extra thanks in here for him!

8: My health

9: My Thrift Shop wardrobe. My daughter and I were laughing about it last night. We love buying bags of clothes at the thrift. She says it's the only place she feels good about buying lots of stuff.

10: The internet, and all my internet friends.

11: My ancient laptop is still working!

12: My even older car is still working!

13: Calderwood Books

I wish everyone a Wonderful Thanksgiving - no matter where you are. A day of thanks is a nice way (for us Pollyanna types) to count our blessings!


Bernita said...

And I am thankful I am not a turkey.

Lyn Cash said...

*snort* at Bernita's - LOL

Sam, lovely post. Thank YOU for being so sweet, for being a pal, and for the lovely photos and blog posts you've had the past couple of years. I really, really enjoy your "company" online.

Sam said...

Bernita -
Yes, that was number 14, lol!
I shall now give thanks to all the turkeys in the world. Except for the one in the White House.

Lyn - You're welcome!

Wynn Bexton said...

A happy thanksgiving to you. (We had ours in October). And a thanks for being one of my blogger friends, and thanks to all the other blogger writer friends too, for your encouragement and kind words.
Peace, love and happiness...lots to be thankful for.

John Nez said...

I'm grateful that the bush & cheney have less than a year left to work their wickededness upon us.

I'm grateful that I can recognize my artistic mediocrity and live with it... no small feat!

I'm grateful for long winter nights and warm blankets and for bright sunshine & springtime, which ought to be arriving before too long.