Monday, January 08, 2007

Vacation is Over

It's SOOOooooo over, lol.
So today I went to the gym and my muscles are Not thanking me. We worked out with weights for an hour and believe me - I am going to be SORE tomorrow. Tomorrow I'm going to another gym class - I did, after all, make a small New Year's resolution - keep working out. And drop the bread from my diet. Oy, it will be Hard - I live in France - country of Zee Vonderful Baguette.
At least there is still coffee. And chocolate. Within reason. LOL.
So this is now my breakfast: (no bread or cereal) a slice of mild cheese, a handful of dates, a plain yogurt & some honey, and COFFEE.
Today my son lost my extra car key, so now we only have one key. This is a pain, because we juggle between the two keys - he takes the car early in the morning and leaves it at the train station, and I go pick it up later. Now that we only have one key, I have to get up and drive him to the station at the ungodly hour of 6:15. I don't wake up officially until 7:00, so this should be interesting. Note to self - make sure coffee is all set to go for the morning.
Someone just reviewed one of my books -actually I got three reviews this week, but this one (and I haven't even seen it yet) is from a romance reading woman who blogs and posts reviews on her blog, so it's not an 'official' review. She wrote to me and said she liked the book, found it refreshing and gritty - but warned me that the review wasn't glowing - did I still want her to post it? I thought it was incredibly sweet of her to ask. And I replied that I didn't write books to get glowing reviews (although it's nice to get them) and I was fine with her posting any sort of review she liked - it was her opinion, after all. I'm really thick skinned.
But it got me thinking. A lot of reviewers are afraid to speak their mind for fear of being castigated by A) the author, or B) the author's fan club. I've seen it happen and it isn't pretty. I've been a reviewer so I know how much work goes into a review, and I don't take kindly to authors complaints in public. In private, I figure you can say what you want. But a reviewer's opinion is simply an opinion, and you can't expect everyone to love the same thing. I sent this person the book as a gift, and she read my book and offered to post a review on her blog, and even if it's not glowing, I'm happy she cared enough to A) read the book and B) blog about it. Even if she is going to blog about what she didn't like about it - that's fine with me. Everyone is entitled to their opinions! Right? I might even learn something I didn't know about my own writing.
Other news:
And I'm waiting for my second round of edits for 'Merlin's Song' - my editor told me they would be arriving on the 12th.
Today's my mom's birthday and she has a terrible cold. Happy Birthday Mom, and lots of aspirin, hot soup, and lemon tea for you!
My son has decided to leave Ohio and move to NY, and he's trying to transfer his credits and enroll in another college. Paperwork and legwork. Good luck Alex!
My other son is taking his 'partials' which are the French equivalent of mid-term exams for university students. I wish him luck too - he has a long week ahead of him!


ORION said...

It's raining here in Hawaii...I was in town all day and I'm glad we shut all the hatches.
I am waiting to see if I have another round of edits.
And still trying to decide about my PhD work.
And yes.
Vacay is SO over.

Kate R said...

in the US adkins is over! carbos are okay!
I know this because when I clip coupons. as I do every week, there are no longer any blaring headlines for "zero carbs!"
in the coupon sections. I also know the fact that I pay attention to the coupons is a sad reflection of my life.

I can't tell which craze will come next, though. Fat's been done. I'm guessing getting the carbo/fat/protein balance aligned.

Maybe just count calories, yessirreee. I've been using and have lost more'n 20 lbs. Slowly, though

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat - It's raining in Hawaii?? LOL - you're just trying to make me feel better!

And Kate - it's not that I'm cutting carbs, but I don't digest wheat that well. It irritates my tummy. I don't drink milk ever, and I only eat natual yogurt with no additives (including sugar - I hate sweet yogurt!) So I'm eating mainly veggies, cheese, and fruit, with pasta, beans, and a little meat. Oh, and Chocolate. (Well, sometimes, lol)


Kate R said...

ugh, celiac stuff. My friends down the street have that (mom and son) and it's tough because wheat is EVERYWHERE.