Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's Wednesday...

...Which happens every seven days, so it's not all that exciting.
I fiddled with my Jennifer Site yesterday, put up a new header that my son Alex fixed up for me, and changed it to a more sci-fi looking site.
Tara Marie posted a review of Angels on Crusade and I wanted to say Thank You! It's really a nice review - she's not a sci-fi fan, but she gave it a very balanced and fair reading and I really appreciate it. You know how people are always saying that they want other people to start taking such and such a genre seriously? Well, it's nice when someone admits that a genre is not their 'thing', but they read it anyway and have something good to say about it. That's what I call an open mind. (and it's funny because I loved how she called one character's death gruesome - Yes! It's gruesome - it's someone's death, and I think that if you find it horrid, then I did it right, lol).
Kate Rothwell has kindly linked to my blog so I'm linking back. She had a contest and I didn't win it, but I had fun trying. Scroll down a few posts and check it out, and make sure you are not drinking anything as you read the responses. I will not be responsible for any ruined keyboards.
Well, my students will be here any minute (for their English lesson - I teach pre-schoolers English, which is a lot of fun.) We sing songs, play with puppets, and learn the colors, counting, the alphabet, and 'head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes...' LOL. That is their favorite song. Today's lesson is family members and so I've printed up papers with a blank frame, with 'This is my Mother', (Father, Sister, Brother) on them. The kids will draw their Mother (father, sister, brother) in the frame.
The weather here is still abnormally warm. It's rainy, but I've got the windows open to air out the rooms. The workers have come and are breaking down the roof in the buildings contigent to our house, (where I usually keep my freezer and my dryer, bikes and garbage bins) So there is dust everywhere. I keep sneezing. (The workers are not here yet this morning. Maybe I'll go and take some photos so I can show you what's going on.) Here is my house (on the right) and the outbuilding (front and center) with the new roof tiles waiting in neat piles.

And here we are looking up at the roof. The workers took out the first floor and left the beams. The floor (with the dirt, tiles, and such) weighed over five tons.
Now the workers will shore up the beams, redo the roof - and leave the building as it is. It's not going to be a liveable space, I'm afraid.

Have Great Wednesday!


Meankitty Says... said...

I believe I might have read Angels on Crusade a time or two :) Good review! I saw it and popped over here to make sure you had.

Anonymous said...

Meankitty - you are Too Funny!!
How are things???

ORION said...

I LOVE your house.
Can I come see you when I go to France?
(I'll return the favor if you find yourself in Hawaii)
EEK! I meant just to say Aloha - Not to stay - I am not THAT rude. LOL.

Bonita said...

Working with preschoolers can be such a delight! I have the pleasure of doing two Library reading programs with toddlers -- one of the reasons I love my job.

Wynn Bexton said...

I love your house too. I'm very fond of houses like that. They have so much character. It's a real writer's kind of house.

Tara Marie said...

I'm glad you're pleased with the review. I'm not a huge s/f fan, but I do like a good time travel and this particularly works because she knew she was going back and was prepared--none of that "OMG, I'm stuck in the 13th century I need to get home." plot device.

Anonymous said...

Orion, you're very welcome to visit, and I'd LOVE to come to Hawaii - especially after the gray and rainy weather we've had this year!

Bonita - I really look forward to my toddler class! They are so fun, and they say the funniest things. I never know what they're going to talk about.

Wynn - It's drafty and it's Old, and I suppose it is the perfect writer's house, lol.

Tara Marie - thanks again for being so open minded! If you want, I have another time traveler (this time a journalist who goes to interview Alexander the Great) no gore, more fun (campy even) & a little erotic. Time for Alexander.

Anonymous said...

And I hate Google bobber.
Bloogle Dogger.
Doogle Gobber. Whatever.
I thought I signed in but it made me annonymous again.



ORION said...

We knew who you were.
BTW I have the catalogue copy for LOTTERY posted on my blog.