Monday, November 20, 2006

The Shipwreck diet!

Congrats to Bonita who chose the shipwreck diet and won a copy of "A Grand Passion" - I hope you enjoy it!

What happened was this:
I lived in the Caribbean and we loved to take boat rides to the small, uninhabited islands nearby. One island, Hans Lollick, was off the coast of St. Thomas, and we could see it from our balcony. My neighbors invited my sister and I to go to the island one day. We took their motor boat, but as we arrived, the motor conked out. We put the anchor down and swam to the beach, and decided to wait until our mother called the coastguard. Night fell. Ferel donkeys on the island meant we had to stay near the beach, because they were feeling protective of their territory and would charge us if we wandered into the forest. We climbed along the cliff and looked for something to eat - coconuts? No. Fish? No fishing pole. What did we find? A can of ravioli a fisherman had left behind.
We built a fire and waited.
The coast guard came at around midnight. They had a big boat and had to stay out in deeper water. They shined their lights so we could swim out to them. I do NOT like swimming over reefs at night. Rule number one, do not make any splashes. Swim Quietly, lol.
It was a nice night and there was lots of phosphorescence. I leaned over to see it in the wake of the boat, and my glasses fell off.
The coast guard took us to the docks where my mom picked us up. I was Starving. I did not want to eat an old can of ravioli. My mom was furious that I lost my glasses. No dessert for a week.
The shipwreck diet:
One can of ravioli. No dessert for a week.


ORION said...

That was great! I might also add "the help crew a 39 foot sailboat from Honolulu to San Francisco" diet. It took 3 weeks and was like doingisometric exercises for 24 hours a day.
If I hadn't binged for the next month to compensate it would have been permanent...

International-Man-Of-Mystery said...

Feral donkeys? Ravioli?

Man, "Castaway" was nowhere near THIS scary...

Anonymous said...

Lol, so I'm not the only one who had to be saved by the Lifeguard. I managed to swim so far out into the Baltic Sea that the current was busy carrying me over to Danemark. The weird thing is I never panicked, I thought either they'll get you or you'll drown. The chance to reach the Danish coast is very slim, lol. For now, keep swimming.

Bonita said...

That was such a great story, Jenn! LOL Thank you for the book. I can not wait to read it.

Sam said...

Orion, it's true - I don't know any fat sailors, lol!

Wayne - LOST comes closer to what we went through - very surreal. The donkeys were really vicious!

Gabriele - Thank goodness they rescued you!!!!! Then again, if they hadn't, and you'd made it to Denmark, you'd be in a record book!

Bonita - You're Welcome!!

Kate R said...

Only you, Sam! That's a great story.