Saturday, November 18, 2006

Guess the Diet Contest

I was just reading a blog and the blogger made me laugh (she's a slushpile reader with an agent) about a submission about a diet book. (The Rejector)

And I came up with three brand new diets:

There's the "Basic Training" diet. Signing up for the army and doing basic training is a great way to lose weight. I'm surprised no one has written about that yet.

There's also the tried but true 'Hermit Diet' which consists of sitting cross-legged and naked on a stone, and eating only what the pilgrims bring.

And there there is the "Shipwrecked" diet: only eat what you can find on a tiny island in the middle of nowhere.

OK guys - you know me, right? Which diet did I try and will subsequently tell you about? (Which resulted in very little weight loss, and I will tell you why after you've guessed!)
And to make it more fun, the first person to guess right will get a free download of their choice! On your mark, get set, GO!


Bonita said...

LOL -- I am guessing the "Shipwrecked" diet by some weird process of elimination that my tired brain devised.

Doug said...

I guess the Basic Training diet. Whenever I look at your pic, I see you in uniform ;)

How about these diets: the major depression diet; the stress diet; the gastroenteritis diet. I've done all three, and they're all miserably effective.

ORION said...

The one that I did too! The basic training diet!
Plus it teaches you how to eat grits (I was at ft. McClellan in aniston alabama...back in the early 70's)

How about the "Your book is being shopped in New York by your agent as we speak" diet?
That's a good one too except you end up drinking wine and eating malomars...

Sam said...

Oh, Orion, I know that diet. My agent is shopping my book around as we speak! LOL!
Doug - your diets sound AWFUL!

I will post the answer on Monday!!!