Thursday, June 15, 2006


I've been busy playing tour guide and having fun with my sister, who is a terrific person. She wants to do volunteer work and join the Peace Corps, go to Africa, and work with underprivileged children. It got me thinking that my family is pretty special. My mom and dad both worked with underprivileged children. We almost always had a 'fresh-air' child come up and spend summers with us. My mother worked with the 'head start' program in New York with her father, and now works in a federal prison as a teacher. My father helped set up the food stamp program in NY and is now retired, but still does his 'meals on wheels' and teaches English to immigrants in a new language program in NY. My other sister always wanted to help others, and is now working as a job councelor in Ohio for the handicapped. So when my youngest sister told me she wanted a job helping others, I could understand. I've always felt that we were put on this earth to help others, and I feel best when I am being helpful. I think about 80% of my family are teachers! That's a pretty big percentage. Most of them are working in special education programs, and some of them are college professors - but all of them love what they do.
I was just wondering if traits like teaching and helping others were family traits, and if so, I was sitting here being thankful I had such a wonderful family.


Wynn Bexton said...

Well I believe those traits are passed down. My father was a coal-miner turned Baptist minister but always working with those in need. My mother was too. I grew up on the Prairies after the depression with itinerant workers (hobos and wandering farm workers) sitting on the back steps eating soup and sandwiches Mom fed them. And there were always needy folk coming to our home. Later on my parents took in foster kids. Both my sister and I learned early on to help those who need help and to be compassionate toward others. So it's no surprise it has run in your family to follow the example your parents set for you.

Nairobi Paul said...

Much to be thankful for!

Kinda the same for me with my parents. They taught English to a Cuban immigrant family, had east Indians over for dinner & more.

Now here I am over in Africa...