Monday, June 05, 2006


Yes, I know it's an exciting blog topic - and I'd get a lot more people dropping in if I'd called it 'sexy cleaning,' or 'Fuck house Cleaning' which uis closer to what I feel right this minute...But I digress.
My sister is coming to stay for the summer, to travel a bit and see Europe, and I have to clean my sons' room so she can stay in it. I can't remember which labor of Hercules involved cleaning a stable that hadn't been cleaned in years...Well, that's about what I feel like. Armed with garbage bage, disinfectant, mop, broom, and sponge...I felt just like Hercules must have before his job.
And I'm not done yet.
I thought I'd take a coffee break and blog about something interesting, but it seems I have a small brain only capable of holding one thing at a today it's house cleaning.
A few house-cleaning tips:
white vinegar makes a great cleaning solution. Mix with some water and a few drops of dish washing liquid, and put in a spray bottle. I use it for everything and it gets rid of odors! Hurrah!
A tennis game in the background means you don't get too bored; ditto for some loud music. (Roland Garros is on right now, so I'm watching that between coffee, blogging, and cleaning.)
And now, back to the stables...I mean, the boys' room.


December Quinn said...

I listen to books on t\ape when I clean, and I use vinegar and/or baking soda for almost everything. :-)

Erin the Innocent said...

lol good luck with the cleaning :)

Nairobi Paul said...

Glad you found my blog. Thanks for commenting!

And however you can cope with that necessary cleaning, go for it!

I also like your pix from Montchauvet. Cool place that you live in!

Jona said...

WD40 is great around the house too! Apart from the obvious benefits to squeeky hinges, it'll bring your stovetop up shinier than anything else, gets rids of tape smudges, gets oil off concrete, removes lipstick and tomato stains, protects silver from varnishing, stops mirrors from misting and best of all removes crayon from walls :o)

Bernita said...

That's why my mother always called it "dunging out..."

Wynn Bexton said...

Well I haven't as yet started the LATE Spring cleaning but today I lugged soil and plants home on my pull-along and got my balcony garden started, also tried (not too successfully) to clean the balcony. Also spent a good hour or so scrubbing the rust off my bike.
After that I had to have a nap!

Madeline Hill said...

I SOOOO wish I had a sister to come visit me for the summer.. alas, I am an only child.. If any of my writing or psychic friends want to visit Arizona, please call Madeline!