Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Looking cool this summer

It's going to be Hot in Europe this year - the weather report from the official sites are announcing a hotter than usual summer, so everyone is gearing up to beat the heat.
There are few air conditioners here, but there are portable ones for sale. And there are fans. Since there are few bugs, windows stay wide open to catch the breeze, but when the sun hits, the shutters close. So what to wear? This year Indian cotton is in, as are Indian type skirts, sandals and loose, flowing dresses. Shirts and dresses sparkle with sequins and beads, and even make-up is shiny this year. My newest eye-liner has gold-sparklys in it. Very chic. Ethnic is in. Preppy is out. The brighter the colors, the better the look. Flower and paisley prints are everywhere in Paris. And in the shops, Brazilian style bikinis have started to make their appearence. The bottoms are skimpy, without being strings, and the tops are colorful triangles often beaded or sequined. Hot on the beach are the mis-matched bikinis - a solid bottom with a bright print top. Toss your beige, white, and navey blue clothes and go for orange (the season's hottest color) lime green, fuschia and buttercup yellow. Forget drab...this summer's coolest look is Brilliant!


Karen Scott said...

Sam, the ethnic look is definitely in, I've spent a fortune on gypsy type skirts, hand-made indian jewellery, flat sandals and extremely colourful loose cotton tops and vests!!

Today I am sporting a white indian skirt, and a yellow vest top, I even accessorised by adding an anklet, and some very jangly silver bracelets, this has been my standard look for the summer... oh and not forgetting the huge pair of sun-glasses that have been perched on top of my head for the majority of the day... yep, you can call me the accessory queen! (g)

Sam said...

You're chic for the summer!
I'm so glad this colorful, gypsy style is coming back - I just love it!

Karen Scott said...

I went shopping for a 30th birthday present for a friend yesterday, I'd spent £60 ($110) on myself before I remembered I wasn't supposed to be shopping for me... Not self obsessed at all, nope, not me.. (g)

Wynn Bexton said...

Me too. I'm glad I didn't throw out my favorite gypsy skirt. And my parting gift to myself in Athens was a bright orange t-shirt with blue dolphins leaping across the yoke. Orange hasn't reached the west coast of Canada yet...it needs to, to brighten up these grey, cloudy skies! wynn