Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nobody said it was easy...

Cold Play is pretty hot. Love their songs. Also been listening to a bunch of Beatles things. I have a lot of work and it's nice to be able to listen to music while typing away.
I won an MP3 player at a party the other day. (Birthday party - family loves to organize 'games' - so there was pitching (golf), tennis, skeet shooting, archery and guess what - I won it at archery. I am not really good, but most of the other gals didn't want to do archery - so I gave up my tennis place for an archery shot, and won an MP3 player, which I gave to my daughter. She has good taste in music, so I took it back and use it while she's in school.
I was over at Kate R's blog and saw she had the rejection blues. Sending over some cyber hugs and tea and stuff. I hate rejections. She said silence was worse - she's right, actually. I'm waiting to hear from 3 subs and it's like they fell into some big, black hole. Silence.
Well, what I'll do is this:
Turn up the volume for the MP3 player.
Keep writing. I started another book.
I must be insane.


Charles Gramlich said...

well, I'm not much of a fan of Cold Play. But congrats on your win at archery!

Wynn Bexton said...

Grrr, I've been trying to post comments but couldn't get it to work. Missed you. Been busy myself. And enjoyed reading back over some of your blogs. Will try and comment more now. Off to England/Greece on Sunday for a month.

John Nez said...

What's this?... a 'Black Hole' that publishers have fallen into? I thought most of them permanently exist in a black hole. Or maybe it's just some sort of time warp where they have no obligation to respond to anything within 12 weeks about anything... even with publishers for whom one is currently under contract!

And of course every letter begins with a huge apology for being so late in responding.

That ferret story & your husband with the shotgun was very funny.

I think the trick to making things last is to learn how to fix them. I think my vacuum cleaner will easily outlast me... and it's already 18 years old.