Sunday, May 10, 2009

all work and no play...

Since I've been doing nothing but working lately, there is not much to report.
I did take a break because it suddenly got hot and sunny this afternoon. I went to the golf club with my daughter to hit some practive balls.
Otherwise, translation, work, more work, drawing, scanning, touch-up, and I still have another drawing to do tonight due tomorrow (what am I doing on my blog??)
The boys are back in school - the longest academic strike in France's history has ended - well, mostly ended. There are still some classes missing and exams will be held later than usual.
I've been reading about the British MP's scandal - the bad ones make the good ones look really good, and the good ones ought to step up and say something, make a speech or something.
And I wish my son would quit interupting me asking 'what is for dinner?' I have no idea - I put some sweet potatos in the over and there is homemade spaghetti sauce on the stove - but I havn't gotten beyond that. The sauce was meant to be frozen for later - but maybe we'll have it tonight?
What was I talking about?
Reading newspapers (any newspaper, but today the Guardian, to be precise) usually depresses me, but it cheered me up no end to read a huge article about the first 2 years of our not-so-beloved president Sarkozy, and see him raked over the proverbial coals for two years of dreadful politics. About time. President Bling-bling is now President Barracade. Ha. He has a 32% approval rating. My husband is part of the 32%. I am now in the majority, however.
About time.


Travis Erwin said...

Happy Mother's day to you. Do they celebrate the holiday in France?

Charles Gramlich said...

Personally, I'm hoping supper will take care of itself.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Sam:)


Very interesting post.

A slice of your daily life.

I am amazed to read how a working mother copes with work and family responsibilities.

Have a nice day Sam:)

John Nez said...

What is it about meal planning that somehow the choices seem to just narrow and narrow over the years? It seems there used to be dozens of exciting things to make for dinner... but it all dwindles down to salmon-burgers and salad!

My favorite newspaper article of late was the one about how it took a team of 6 astronaut PHDs to figure out how to get a space-lugnut off it's bolt in the Hubble telescope. I can SO relate to that.

It turns out all they needed was more elbow grease and some bruised knuckles.