Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Saturday Night Live skit

THE FORBIDDEN Saturday Night Live SKIT SNL did a "Bailout" skit, which has created some rather awkwardproblems for NBC. They spiked the video and tried to shut it downon the Internet. But aha, there's still some sites that have it.


(And just to clear up one thing - yes, Clinton did relax the laws concerning property aquisition, but nothing, absolutely nothing like the Bush administration's complete abandon of any sort of common-sense control.)


Charles Gramlich said...

My main problem with the skit was that it wasn't very funny. I don't like Bush and his gang at all, and with such ammunition I might have thought they could do a better job of poking fun.

John Nez said...

That skit really hits the nail on the head. A long overdue hammering.

I know my bank went under... but they still haven't changed anything but the name. It's J.P. Morgan now instead of WaMu.

I still remember every time I went in there over the last 5 years there'd be big signs in the window saying 'Need a trip to Hawaii? Take out a quick re-fi with Washington Mutual!'

My, my... how things have changed.

Obama's really gonna need to be able to walk on water to fix this mess!