Tuesday, February 12, 2008


For the past few days, it's been awful to sit down at the computer and write. Why? Because it's spring here! The sun is shining, the weather is balmy. Spring breezes bend new grass, and the forsythia is budding, while primroses and crocus add colorful dots to the muddy soil beneath the bare trees.
I'm pretty sure we'll pay the piper again this summer (last year, it was so hot in April we had barbecues nearly every evening and ate outdoors. Then May came - not with flowers but with icy showers, and June, July, and August were dismal.) So, whenever the sun shines, I take advantage of it and rush out to play. Or walk. Or garden. (Gardening - the never-ending chore...)

This weekend my daughter had a horse show. Here is a picture of my daughter on her horse (well, teh club's horse - a very nice mare called 'Quit ou Double'), me sitting in the back of the car, taking in the sun. And here is a picture of the riding ring. Notice the lovely sunshine.

So I've been remiss with the blog - sorry.

Funny thing that happened to me this week:
I went to the bank for my loan. (Societe Generale - ring a bell? Jerome Kervial somehow loses 5 billion dollars in rogue trading.) Anyhow, I ask for my measly loan. The director looks at my income, my outflow, and my demand, then says "I don't think the machine is going to OK this."
I said, "Well, I want the same machine Jerome used."
He did have the presence of mind to laugh. I was about a hairsbreadth from getting up and telling him in a frosty voice that I was changing banks. (taking my debt elsewhere...) But the director came through and put a few little white lies in the calculator, and voila. Easy as Jerome Kervial.
Makes me wonder.
Anyhow, it's too nice to blog today. I'm off to take a walk!


Gabriele C. said...

We have nice weather here at well. But the nights are still frosty - fortunately, I'm not wild about early springs.

Oopsy Daisy said...

Ya'll are killing me with your early springs. We had snow again today and the temps are below zero with the wind chill. I am sitting here bundled up in several sweaters with a fire in the woodstove and the heat cranked up but still can't get warm. I am so sick of this snowy Midwest! Ggrrrrrrr....

John Nez said...

That sunshine looks just too gorgeous... I'm jealous!

"Well, I want the same machine Jerome used."... that's priceless.


December/Stacia said...

Yeah, spring already? I don't think we're going to be close to spring for another few months. (Of course, considering that we didn't really get one last year...groan.)

Ordinary Girl said...

It's been up and down in temperatures here, but it'll warm up today and I'm hoping I can enjoy the outside without a coat later in the day.

Wynn Bexton said...

Enjoy the nice weather, lucky you!

Bernita said...

"Because it's spring here!"
Cruel woman...