Saturday, February 02, 2008

Been Busy

Happy Groundhog Day!
Lately life has accelerated. I have a new English student to tutor, Calderwood Books is getting ready to move into POD, and there are so many Dr. Who series to watch...
I'm also thinking of putting my daughter into private school, although my sons did fine in public school. It's not because she's not doing well - on the contrary, she's doing brilliantly. I just think she might be happier in another school. Her two best friends have left her school, and she has friends in the private school I'm considering. It (the private school) is classed as the best school in the district, which is good. It's a Catholic school, which will make my grandfather happy. :-)
I went to the new public pool the other evening. It was great. The water slide was the fastest I've Ever been on. I got water All up my nose. The pool is heated and you can swim outside as well, which is very cool. I think I'll get a swim card and go once a week. I will have to squeeze the pool into my schedule. I've decided to pamper myself a bit.
My tendonitis has cleared up beautifully, so I'm going to finally finish the book I started last year. And then I will concentrate on getting the Calderwood Books uploaded into the Lulu store so they are available as paperbacks, even though I really think that (for the planet) e-books are better. I do understand how hard it is to read on the computer.
I'm reading 2 of Kate R.'s books (Summer Devon) and I am having a great time with them. I also read a YA book called 'Spook's Apprentice', it was interesting. It was translated into French and my neighbor's son gave it to me to read, with the promise that 'I wouldn't be able to put it down'. When I kid says that I pay attention. Verdict - good solid adventure with interesting characters and a more complex storyline than you'd expect. The translation was easy to read, so I am guessing the English version must be very well written. I liked the take on witches, spooks, and goblins!


Rosie said...

I just commented last night when I was writing the date about Groundhog's Day today. The news doesn't make much of it any more but it always seemed like a big deal when I was a kid.

Just had to throw in my two cents about swimming. Our community pool is outside and we get hampered by the weather and the whim of tour Park & Rec department for days and hours we can swim, but we've managed to get at least one swim in a week for several months now. I highly recommend it. It's right up there with yoga for me.

Travis Erwin said...

My boys attend a private Catholic school and it has been a great experience.

Are there Groundhogs in France?

We don't have them here in Texas but we have prairie dogs which are a good bit smaller. I took some pics of a few yesterday and I hope to post them on my blog tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

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