Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Plot plot, fizz fizz....

I'm plotting another book. Having fun too. It's nice to invent a whole new cast of characters and set them loose in a whacky world of my invention.
There has to be a heroine and a hero - and there has to be a bad guy (or gal) and a Plot Arc, and all that fun stuff.
And I don't know how other authors plot and plan, but I know I nearly always start with the Heorine.
Is that usual?
I have my new heroine - and then I try to imagine the perfect hero for her. Her soul-mate - her 'one and only'. And then I invent the meanie(s) and all the trials and tribulations and subplots and secondary characters and...
Oh my. I feel a head-ache coming on. I think I need an Alka Seltzer.
I have to leave now - my dog just rolled in something AWFUL and he smells DISGUSTING!
I am off to give Auguste a Big Bath.


Jona said...

My heroine always come first as well, and though I haven't written anything for the better part of a year, am busy plotting at the moment too :o) but think I'll wait until November, then Nano it!

Sam said...

I love Nano - hopefully I'll be done with this one in time to Nano another one!
I sound obsessed.

Wynn Bexton said...

Well, usually I've got the story plotted out first then the characters fall into place, and who's p.o.v. it will be in. The novel I'm working on now, because it's historical based, already had a set plot and historical characters but I have fun introducing fictional characters within the story too.

My other w.i.p. started out with the voice of a girl speaking to me, telling me her story. I let her tell it the way she wanted it. Only trouble is, I listened to a writing instructor tell me that I should be writing it in third person so I tried switching. It didn't work and got into a muddle. I will go back to it again as soon as Shadow is done. But it will only be first person! Because it's her (Olwen's) story.

December Quinn said...

Usually my hero comes first (ha ha. Of course he doesn't.) No, I mean, he's usually the character I see or hear from first. Then the heroine.

Not always, but most of the time.

Gabriele C. said...

I start with some historical event.

And I don't even have heroines, lol.

don't listen to that stupid instructor. They are like those ugly old women who give the marks in the figure skating competitions - they never manage anything for themselves and then want to spoil the fun for others.

barista brat said...

i always have a very basic synopsis written - only about two paragraphs, and then i let the story unfold from there. i hate to writing outlines because often my characters end up going in a different direction - so the outline was mostly a waste of time.

i should be done with my wip by the time nano comes around. it will be my first time participating.

Bonita said...

Who or what is NANO? Explaination needed for a non-writer -- LOL

December Quinn said...

Oh, and my dog once rolled in half of an enormous dead lizard-the rear half. The thing's tail was seriously over two feet long. I have no idea where he found the lizard half-the lizards were living in our neighbor's tree but we hadn't noticed the front half anywhere.

Anyway, we were having a major drought that summer and weren't even supposed to water our lawns, but we HAD to bathe the dog. So we did, at around midnight, and people drove by and looked at us disapprovingly. It was quite embarrassing.

Cheyenne McCray said...

I hadn't really thought of it. I think the heroine does come first, because we all want to identify with her and believe that the hunky hero is ours. *g*

Sam said...

Bonita - NanoWrimo is a contest (sort of) where you try to write 50,000 words in one month. You sign up for it in October, and it takes place all of November. It's a lot of fun - I think the website is www.nanowrimo.net -or org or com not sure which, lol)

Bernita said...

I start with the heroine too.
Just bathed our dogs.
Now I swear I smell of dog.