Friday, December 02, 2005

The Argentine Lover at the Romance Bookclub

Hi guys!

The Romance Bookclub is now starting the December 2005 book club features, and The Argentine Lover is the erotica book of the month!
I hope you are as excited about that as I am!
If you want to join the discussion and answer the questions I posted about the book, just follow the link below and sign up - the bookclub is free.

Please RSVP in the message boards under the erotic romance book. They want active participants. Let them know if you have the book, have started the book, and what you think so far!

I look forward to discussing The Argentine Lover with you this month.
(The questions aren't that hard - really!)


Karen Scott said...

Congrats Sam!!! Can I ask, is Jennifer Macaire your actual name, or is that another pseudonym?

Sam said...

Jennifer Macaire is my real name - I know it sounds Scotch, but it's a very, very old name that's actually Roman or even Egyptian.
My husband is French, and Macaire is derived from Macairius to become Macaire (St. Macaire exists) and it's a fairly common name. It means happy man, and the soldiers in the Roman legion who grinned too much probably got called Macairius, lol. There are two or three Macaire families not related to us (or from way back).

Wynn Bexton said...

Oh darn! I have to figure out how to download that copy! Congrats to you, Sam.