Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Horse Passages

I have taken off my author hat, now that I turned in my last book to my editor, and I have put on my promotion hat!
Promotion is hard. When you're little, you are sternly told 'Not to Show Off', and 'Don't blow your own Horn!' so it's hard to wave your book around, jump up and down, and do a happy dance while blowing in a brass trumpet and yelling, "My Book is Out, come and get it!" (It's the blowing the trumpet and yelling at the same time that's really tough.)
It's great when other people promote your books. That way you don't feel A) Pushy, B) Like you're bothering people C) Like an amateur - because face it, without a big promotional budget you can barely reach family and friends.
But I struggle on. I join groups, I blog, I take out ads in papers and in online sites, I send the books to reviewers, and I throw myself upon the mercy of my friends.
So, dear friends, please tell your friends and family, your dentist, your librarian, and your local bookstore owner about Horse Passages.
It's a science fiction book for teens and up. My husband who is Not a reader took it off my desk one day and started to read it. He stayed up all night to finish it.
Here is the book's site:
(I will get horsepassages.com up and running soon)
Please visit, and plug in your kids and horse-crazy friends!
Thank you So much



Wynn Bexton said...

Congratulations and I do hope you get lots of interest shown in this new production.

You're right ..it's hard blowing your own horn but it seems that's the way it has to be with us writers (and artists, and musicians)

Sam said...

Tahnk you Wynn!
I'm not a good salesperson - for one thing I'm not a shopper, so I don't really understand the consumer mentality, lol. And I don't like pushing people or making them do things (I never made my own kids eat anything they didn't want to - luckily they âre not picky eaters) so it's hard for me to promote.
I do love raving about other people's books - forexample, I just read a book the other day that I will definitely rave about when it comes out! (Chey, where are you? When is your latest YA book coming out??)

Tara Marie said...

My niece isn't a reader, but is still horse crazy. I'll have to look for this.

I read "The Argentine Lover" last night, wonderful book, hopefully I'll have time today or tomorrow to blog about it. You should be promoting this one too.

There is nothing wrong with tooting your own horn, if you don't who will??

Sam said...

Tara Marie!!!
Thank you So much for your kind words about the Argentine Lover - I really love that book (OK - they're my babies, lol) but I do have favorites. (Shhhh - don't tell the others.)
I'll try to toot -
But I'm afraid of Bugging people!
(Oh the horrors of being a bugger!)

Cheyenne McCray said...

So I get this with a little Forbidden Magic to pull it off? *g* I was in sales and marketing for 10 years, so it comes easy to me. Although, I really try not to overdo it. I try to do it in other ways than 'look at me' like in ads, and in the quality of work. You're doing it right. :-)

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

The book sounds wonderful, Sam! Congratulations and here’s hoping for a TON of sales!

I fully understand what you mean about self-promotion. For me, as a writer and artist, the creation is what it’s all about. I consider the hawking and horn-blowing necessary evils. While I’d like to think “If I create, they will come…” I know better than that. LOL