Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October check up

Sorry I have been AWOL - October went by faster than I thought it would!
Been busy working!

Big news of the month-

We bought a horse for my daughter - it's an 11 yr old ex-cross country jumper. He injured his tendon last year and can't compete in high level cross country any more, so his owner sold him to us for Julia to ride. He's perfect for her; well trained and has lovely manners. His name is Kalin des Vents!


debra said...

It's wonderful to watch them loving their horses! My daughter had off the race track Passionate Prospect--barn name Pete.
They were as one--chestnut maned and haired. Sadly he colicked 2 years ago and had to be put down.

Charles Gramlich said...

Beautiful horse. YOu can see she loves it.