Wednesday, March 25, 2009

rain, rashes, super mario....

It's raining - typical March blustery weather, but it's not freezing cold, so I don't mind.

I'm baking chocolate chip cookies, so the house smells nice and cozy.

My daughter and son have rashes on their arms. Both were out in the garden, so maybe they were bitten or brushed against some sort of poison plant. I'm taking them to the doctor tomorrow so he can see - it's sort of a poison-ivy looking rash, but there is none here in France, so I have no idea what it can be.

And my son uploaded all the Mario games to the Wii, so now my husband is happily playing the number 1 Super Mario game - the oldest one, where everything is 2 dimensional and you can only move forward or jump up and down. Strangely enough, it's our favorite, and we all fight to take turns to play.


Tomorrow my husband is off for 3 weeks in Spain! Lucky him - I bet the weather is lovely in Andalusia, where he's heading. (work contract - so that's good news!)

And hopefully we'll hear more about a contract in August while he's there. (fingers crossed)

But I'll miss him!!!


Rosie said...

GG and I sure could use a break. Spain sounds lovely, maybe we'll get to a more affordable and realistic trip to Palm Springs.

Loved the picture.

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

How interesting that there's no poison ivy in France.

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my wedding anniversary post, Sam. :-) It's fabulous that you and your husband have been together for so long too. Rare indeed for marriages to last for decades--and remain happy!

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John Nez said...

My college son is loading his old Nintendo games too. Must be some sort of nostalgia thing... how ironic.

I read in the New York Times that romance novels are selling like hotcakes as 'escapist' reading. I hope that brings good tidings for you.

Here the weather is buckets of rain and cold. I think we had our 2 day warm weather teaser.... now it's back to winter for June-uary.

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