Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm BAAAaaaaaaaaack!

Spain was Lovely. We were in the south, near Gibraltar, in a small tourist-y marina called Puerto de Duquesa. We could walk down the beach to the nearest town and get groceries, and there was polo every evening.
My daughter and I went on a ride in the mountains one day - it was magic. The Spanish horses are brilliant - they step so softly you feel as if you're sitting on a rocking horse, or a sofa, as my daughter says.
Our friend Karen is starting a horse trek vacation business in the mountain region of Andalusia. Anyone interested can contact me. She does tours lasting up to six days - ending up on the beach! The day we trekked we rode down part of the old 'fish' road, a steep mountain road that the mule trains would take every evening to bring the fish up from the coast to the mountain villages. Karen will have 10 horses available starting in September!
What else can I say about Spain? It was hot - every day in the 90's, and the sand on the beach after 11 am, burnt your feet! We watched the Olympic games in the afternoon, while it was too hot to go out. The BBC and the Spanish chanals gave widly differing programs and views. It was fun zapping between the two channels. And did anyone else hear that the swimming pool was 4 cm too short??? Our favorite show was called Maestro, and we also watched The Tudors (fabulous costumes!). We didn't go out much - my husband was working so he was pretty tired in the evening. We did get invited to several assados, and discovered the 'secreto Ibirico' (grilled pork) (very yummy!). We also went to a go-cart course and my daughter was a speed demon!
Mostly it was restful and fun catching up with friends we only see once a year. And I had a whole month without internet and survived! (Hardly missed it, though I did miss my blogging pals!)
How was your August?


John Nez said...

yiklSounds very nice... sunshine and beaches and all.

Nothing quite like a horses I understand... having not been on one in over 30 years!

I do like the way they smell, and the noises their hooves make and how laid back they usually are.

And they all speak the same language too I imagine... horse.


Charles Gramlich said...

I didn't hear about the short pool. Interesting.

Glad you had fun. It was quite hot here as well. Would love to ride Horses in Spain.

Bernita said...

Lovely photo.
You must feel refreshed.

Wynn Bexton said...

Glad to hear you had such a great vacation. Nice you're back. I've been busy too but mostly just things around town. However I did spend one weekend at a Writer's festival up on the Sunshine Coast. Now summer's winding down and in three weeks I'll be teaching all my classes again. So it's time for all that pre-class prepping. Writing's going well though and I'm enjoying my new gig as Vancouver Expert for Planet Eye. (A contracted paid gig, by the way!)