Thursday, August 30, 2007


This should be required reading:

Read it and Weep. (Especially if you're a US taxpayer like myself. ) I cannot believe I paid taxes - over 15% of what I earned - to support this. It's unfuckingbelievable. If there is any justice at all, the Bushies will all be cockroaches in their next lives.

President Bush (center) surrounded by members of his family (top left) and key members of his government (right top and center) and ex-government (right bottom.)


Seeley deBorn said...

And to think some Americans support this, and I quote from the article, "clusterfuck."

John Nez said...

One of my favorite stories is the missing 360 tons of cash!
Imagine 360 tons of $100 bills gone missing...

"But consider this: Imagine for a moment that you wanted to transport 360 tons of $100 bills from the Federal Reserve Bank in New York to Baghdad. First you would need it assembled into what are called “bricks,” each one containing $100,000. Then 20 of those “bricks,” amounting to $2 million, would be sealed in a wooden box. That wooden box would be loaded onto pallets. Eventually the whole 360 tons of bills totaling $16 billion would need to be placed on three massive, U.S. military C-130 transport planes for the trip to Baghdad."

Yes... quite a legacy the Bushes have left in the wake of their 20 year reign.
Ugh! There's been a bush in the White House for most of my voting life!

But even shooting folks with a shotgun is A-OK... just as long as the president isn't having s-e-x with anyone.
That's the American way!


Rosie said...

We caught a snippet of Bill Maher on HBO who does Politically Incorrect. The panel touched on the Iraq contractors briefly. One point that was made is that it has been a slow process getting the American public educated and informed on what is happening. In other words it's taken almost 7 years of 'dub-ya's' 2-term presidency to expose what's gone on.

Anonymous said...

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