Saturday, June 09, 2007

Been Busy

Good news! My son passed his exams and he's admitted to the second year in his university. In France the universities are free, which means there are a lot of students in the first year. You have to pass tough exams to go on to the second year, and only 30% are admitted directly, so we're proud of him!

You know how it is. The calendar starts filling up, the days becoming crammed with appointments and 'things to do'. I'm leaving for the US on the 22nd, and suddenly there is a ton of stuff I have to take care of before I go. And then my husband got his job in Spain, so we'll be there for the whole month of August, and that means more frantic organising as I realize I'll probably be without internet for that whole time. (*gasp!*)

I threw a birthday party for my husband Wednesday and we had a great time. A golf tournament followed by dinner. The weather was wonderful, and we all had a great time.
My car, however, is falling apart bit by bit. It doesn't start well, the window is broken (it fell over when I lowered it the other day, and I had to prop it back up and close it to keep it from falling out again. Now I have to be careful not to open it. It's aslo making strange noises. I'm glad my husband got the job in Spain - it's paid well and hopefully we'll be able to get another car when we get back in September. Argh. As my son once said, 'Why does everything have to cost so much?' He was four at the time and was trying to buy an expensive stuffed hedgehog with only fifty pence - but I know exactly what he was feeling.


Bernita said...

It's shaping up to be a "summer of the Danes" here too.

Oopsy Daisy said...

Congrats to your son on his exams and to your hubby on his job in Spain.

An entire month without internet? You will have to scour the countryside for an internet cafe or something. An entire month without internet is too barbaric. But think of all the extra time you will have to write. I wish I had some extra time right now. I have a writers group meeting on Monday and I haven't written a single word since the last meeting.

Good luck on the car. We have a car like that. I make my husband use it while I drive the nice car. I'm so mean. LOL

John Nez said...

Sounds like a summer of gypsy wanderings... sure sounds like more fun than my summer.

Sam said...

Hi Bernita! I love Brother Cadfael - what great stories!

Daisy - yes, a whole month without internet. I'll have a bunch of messages to wade through when I get home, lol.
And my husband has the nice car because he goes farther than I - I just need it to go shopping and do my errands basically.
John - a gypsy summer! Yes, that would describe it! I'm looking forward to Spain though. I love that country - the people, the climate, and eating dinner at 11 pm is interesting, lol.

Gabriele C. said...

Congrats to you son.

A month without internet? Teh horror. I got the blues after a week and went to an internet café in York. :)

Michelle B said...

Congrats to your husband and son!

Enjoy your travels this summer:)

Seeley deBorn said...

Sorry to hear about your car! We'll miss you while you are in Spain. (ooo The Man is just writhing over that one)

Rosie said...

Getting ready for a trip is always a pain. I just commented on Kristie's blog about her trip to Dallas that I always wish I could just get up, get on a plane and arrive with all my stuff at the destination. OTOH, I get to make lots of lists.

Spain, never been there. That will be an adventure especially without the internet.