Sunday, October 08, 2006

I am a genius!

Well, not really. And I'm not an electrician. Anyone else would have had electricity. I called my electrician. (this is France, remember, and I am WAY out in the countryside.)
Me: Hi Sophie, I need Laurent to come right away - half my house is in the dark.
Sophie: Bonjour Jennifer - the problem is Laurent is away for the weekend - he went hunting.
Me: That's all right, I'll make do with candles. Will you ask him to stop by on Monday?

On Monday night I get a call from Sophie - she tells me her husband will be in very late, if I don't mind, he could stop by around nine or ten. I tell her I'll be glad to wait. (in the dark - candles burning.)

Then I get inspired. I look at the electric box. The little cartridge thingies that go in the slots. I don't know what they are called, but I have a box of them in different sizes. I start replacing them, one by one. Suddenly there is a 'pop' and the lights in the house go on! I have repaired the electricity using little cartridge thingies. I am a genius. Except I have no idea what I actually did, or what the thingies are called. Feeling half triumphant, half retarded, I call the electrician and tell him not to bother coming - I have fixed my problem. Voila.
The next night I see him and his wife in yoga class, and he told me that what I had was a fuse box and what I'd changed was a fuse.


Gabriele C. said...

Lol, having a mother who'd been an engineer was quite useful - I can do a lot of repair stuff around the house myself, and I've never grown up with the silly idea that girls can't solder and use a drill.

It's sewing that causes me problems, lol.

Daisy Mae said...

I'm so glad you were able to fix the fise without the aid of an electrician. I have a hubby who proclaims to be handy around the house but when we lost our electricity and nothing he did worked he ended up having to call an electrician. $159 and 2 minutes later the new fuse was in and the electrician was on his way down the street. It took longer to write the check than it did for him to replace the fuse. I'm going to be an electrician in my next life!

International-Man-Of-Mystery said...

And if you don't have any fuses handy, you can always screw them out, stick a penny (or any other suitably sized copper coin) behind them, and screw them back in. Works beautifully. Except that the pennies may well overheat and start a fire and burn your house down.

Still cheaper than calling an electrician, probably.

Sam said...

Hi Gabriele,
An engineer! I'm impressed. I tend to panic when I see a machine, a motor, I would have been happy in the stone age, I bet.

Daisy Mae - LOL! Poor hubby! Mine once tried to install a new wall lamp, drilled through an electric cord, and the electrician had to come and put things right to the tune of about 300$ - which was ten time what I paid for the wall lamp!

Wayne - I don't want to burn my house down!!!! LOL - I didn't know about the penny though. But it wouldn't fit into my fuse box (technical word there - didja notice?)

Anonymous said...

Clearly, you are brillian *g*

December Quinn said...

Stuff like that always makes you feel so capable and grown-up special, doesn't it? I remember the day I bought a hammer. Muy exciting.

Although not as cool as replacing a fuse or re-tiling the bathroom floor all by myself (linoleum tiles. I had a brain flash and had the hubby bring home the big professional paper-cutter guillotine from his work, made the job go by in like an hour.)

Congrats on the successful fuse-switch! I've never attempted it!

Tara Marie said...

Those pesky fuses will get you every time--LOL.

Lyn Cash said...

LMAO here! Brilliant, yes, ma'am. *wink* Those little moments tend to validate us in big ways, don't they? Glad you got your problem fixed.

Anonymous said...

I can NOT believe I typo'd brilliant *sigh*

Not the best word to typo LOL